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Khintx: Billie Jean Dunn RAW Interview - Feb 25, 2011

I = Interviewer
BD = Billie Dunn
I:  Alright, now, umm,  I kind of have to ask some tough questions. I'm sorry to ask them.  But we just got affidavits released about the computer and everything, the memory stick and everything that was confiscated. And, apparently, according to the affidavits there was a bunch of pronographic stuff and deviant acts.  What can you tell us about that? 
BD:  Umm. I hadn't seen any of it and I hadn't got to talk to investigators to find out what it is. The computer whuddant here.  The memory stick was brought over here.  But I have never used either of them or looked at either of them so I don't know what was on it.
I:  The memory stick was brought over by who?
BD:  Shawn. 
I:  So, would, I mean is it Shawn's stuff or where is this coming from? 
BD:   Well, the computer is not his. That memory stick was.  And I don't know what was found on just that.  
I:  And according to sheriff [Toombs] he says there is child porn on there and bestiality. 
BD:  And I don't know anything about it. I don't have any facts yet or haven't got to talk to anybody yet.  I heard the story come out this morning.  
I: So you don't know anything about what's on there? 
BD: No.  I'm waitin for answers.  
I:  And is this, would it suprise you if there was child porn on there? 
BD: Yea.
I:  Why?
BD"  That's, you just don't want to be associated with that stuff or anybody who could've. I don't know how it would've got on there or I don't know what it is.  So...
I:  So that kind of thing is not of typical nature for you or Shawn? 
BD:  No.  
I:  And whose computer is it?  
BD:   Umm.  I guess the one they took out of his mom's house. And again I don't know what all was on that computer or who all has been on it either.  
I: And so, I mean, does this come as a shock to you or how do you really feel about the findings?
BD: It's definitely a shock and I think  I guess I need a lot of answers and  a lot of things cleared up.  
I:  And to clear that up are you going to asl Shawn about it or are you going to go to the police? What are you going to do?  
BD:  I've talked to him about it a little bit. I'll talk to Shawn about it more and probably talk to one of the investigators.  
I: And you said you talked to Shawn a little bit about it. What did he say? 
BD:  That, of course, he didn't put anything like that on there.  
I:  And, so, like I said, there was all kinds of wierd stuff, well, I shouldn't say wierd, there's interesting stuff on  there.  Do you think that that could pertain to the case at all?  
BD:  No. 
I:  And the findings on there, would you say those are completely out of character for Shawn, and why or why not?
BD:  That's definitely out of character for him.  I've known him for a while and I've never known him to be into anything like that, or we wouldn't have a relationship.  
I:  So, overall, I mean, just from what you've heard, from the articles, from that kind of thing, what are you feeling on everything?
BD:  Umm. It's a lot to take in and like I said, I still hadn't got to talk to investigators about it and I just need to find some truths to see what's really goin on.  I just don't know enough about it yet.  
I:  And you said you were going to talk to Shawn a little bit more about it. What are you going to ask him?    
BD:  Umm.  I don't know. I know he's told me he hadn't put anything like that on that memory stick. 
I:  And, if it's not coming from him where could it be coming from?  
BD:   I don't know.  
I: So, I mean, the computer was found at his house, you obviously don't want to say anything bad about anybody, but I was just kind of wondering where it would come from and is that something typical for them or I'm just kind of tryin to see where it's coming from. 
BD:  No. I don't think it's typical for anybody I know well.  
I:  Do you think these findings could possibly bring us any closer to Hailey or what happened? 
BD: No. I still don't think it has anything to do with Hailey.  
I:  And so you are pretty certain that the child porn, the bestiality, that stuff has nothing to do with Shawn?  
BD:     Yes.  
I:  And why are you so confident on that? 
BD: Umm.  Just because I know him well.  
I:  And he's not that type of person?   
BD:  Right. 
I:  Tell me just a little bit about what type of a person is he? 
BD:  Umm.  He's nice.  He's kind. He's caring.   I've certainly never seen anything like that in him. 
I: So to have these accusations even which is the child porn, that's got to be a lot to take in, I mean how do you feel overall about that? 
BD:  Umm.  (It's/he's) pretty upset about it.  Like I said, I've just got to talk to people and get things cleared up.  
I:  Is there anything else you want to say about the investigation, about the latest findings?  Anything at all?
BD:  No and there still hadn't been anything new with the investigation. 
I: And, now these findings, was the memory card that was found in your guyses bedroom, right? 
BD:  Yes.
I: And so is, I mean, I don't want to get into personal business or anything like that, but is that something common for you guys or is this a complete shock to you?
BD:  I don't know what was on that one personally.  I don't know what was on just that alone, what was on the computer. I don't have any answers yet. 
I:  And, so, needless to say, it's suprising to you?
BD: Yea. 
I:  Tell me just a little bit about that, how, you know, you have no idea where it came from and how much of a suprise it is to you.
BD: Well, I just got a call from Nancy Grace's show this morning wanting to talk to me about it and I had to tell them the same thing. I had no clue about it. I called one of the law enforcement and they said they would be able to talk to me later on.
I: So at this point there's just really nothing?
BD:  Right.
I: Can you tell me just how suprising it is and how out of character for both of you it is?
BD: Wha, of course it's just very out of character and no I had no idea.  I still don't know what was found just on the memory stick so I really can't say how I feel about that. 
I:  Can you tell me just how shocking it is to kind of have these accusations even out there?
BD: It's just really upsetting

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