Monday, February 14, 2011

Billie Jean Dunn Printed Timeline


Sun Dec 26

2pm billie,shawn, Hailey and David have their christmas dinner

8-9pm Hailey is playing with her Xbox in davids room. David leaves to spend the night with a friend

10pm Hailey is watching tv in bed Billie tells her goodnight and goes to bed

Mon Dec 27th

5.30am shawn leaves for work using billies car

6.00am shawn arrives at work

6.10 am shawn leaves work, shawn says that he quit job and went in that morning to turn in his coveralls and clean out his locker. he claims that after leaving work he went to his grandmother's house in Dunn, but because no one was home he decided to go to his mother's house in Big Spring. Shawn futher claims he went directly to his mother's house from Dunn, only coming into colorado city to access(unreadable)

6.20am billie sees hailey asleep in her room with the tv on

6.30am billie leaves for work, getting a ride from a co-worker.

7.00am Billie arrives at work

7.30 - 8.00am shawn says he arrived at his moms house.

*10.20am - 1.00pm a neighbor sees Hailey walking away from her house and then later back towards her house. a young boy is with her.

*12.00pm a neighbor sees Hailey in the backyard talking on the phone.

3.00pm Shawn arrives home.

3.15pm Hailey leaves home to go to Clint's house and then to spend the night with a friend.

4.00pm - 5.00pm David and his friend arrive at home.the friend stays and spends the night.

6.15pm shawn picks up billie from work.

6.20pm shawn and billie make withdrawls from an atm.

6.30pm - 6.40pm shawn and billie arrive at billies mom's house.

7.30pm shawn and billie arrive home.

*8.30pm a A woman sees hailey, the friend she said she was spending the night with and a teenage boy who is unknown to her walking on hickory street in front of Alco.

9.00pm shawn and billie go to bed.

Tues Dec 28th

6.30am shawn and billie leave the house.

7.00am billie arrives at work.

12.00pm Billie calls david, who is home.David tells her that Hailey is not back yet. Billie tells him to to text her friend and have Hailey come home. The friend says Hailey did not come over. David calls billie back and relays this information. Billie tells him go to Clint's house to see if Hailey was there,Naomi tells david that hailey did come over on monday, but did not stay there. Billie talks to Clint and tells him that she is leaving work to come to Colorado city and report Hailey missing. Billie calls her sister-in-law to pick her up from work and take her to Colorado city. she goes home and to several of Hailey's friends' houses to see if she can find Hailey.

2.00pm Billie goes to the police station to report hailey missing.

3.00pm Billie goes back home to wait for an officer to come and take a full report

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