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Shawn Adkins Confirms Accusation in the Affidavit


Shawn Adkins said "I’ve sat down and looked through that affidavit, and a lot of things are incorrect. Some of it is, but a lot of it isn’t."

So which parts of the affidavit are correct?

According to Shawn, the affidavit was correct when it said he lied about being fired. It was correct that he withheld information from authorities concerning his whereabouts. It was correct that he had a bedroom full of murder "memorabilia", but this shouldn't concern us. It was correct that he showed deception and failed his polygraph. And it was correct in saying he had ceased cooperating with authorities after walking out on his final interrogation. He did refuse to answer any more questions to assist in locating Hailey Dunn, and that has persisted for over a month until his interview this week.

Shawn only claims the affidavit was incorrect concerning three items! When it said he had threatened both Hailey and Billie, he says he only threatened Billie, he claims he did not say killing a child was like killing a deer, and he says he didn't delete any phone messages off of his phone.

He acknowledges in this interview that he perpetuated the lie to authorities that he was fired from his job the day Hailey disappeared until January 5th, 2011. This was 8 days after her disappearance!! He finally tells authorities, "No, I actually quit my job." -only after being confronted with Billie's contradicting statement.
It was surely pressure from being confronted by this and other lies that caused him to walk out on that final interrogation.

Has his attorney quit in exasperation yet?


Shawn broke his silence to present his own response to the allegations in the affidavit filed 6th of January, 2011. The interviewer asked if he felt the allegations from the police were "completely inaccurate?"

Absolutely. It is, ’cause like I said, I’ve sat down and looked through that affidavit, and a lot of things are incorrect. Some of it is, but a lot of it isn’t.

A lot of it isn't incorrect? Which parts are not incorrect? I decided to review each allegation and find out what his response was to each one.


Shawn gave two different stories to investigators about his appearance at work on Monday Dec 26th. 1) He claimed he was fired 2) he claimed he had an altercation with his supervisor and quit his job.

His supervisor denies speaking with him at all and reports only an exchange of eye contact in the breakroom. The affidavit also mentions that his employer had records that indicated that Shawn had arrived at work at 6am. This means he clocked in.


That morning, I drove to work. I quit my job. I turned in my belongings, and I didn’t speak to nobody at work, and I left work.

He now changes his story to a third version where he did not have an altercation with his supervisor he simply came to work, cleaned out his locker, left his coveralls and departed. How do you quit a job by clocking in and then leaving without speaking to anyone?

I was trying to keep it from her, but, you know, investigators found out that I didn’t get fired, ’cause of Billie had told them that originally, and then they brought that up to me, and I was like, “Yeah. I quit my job for reasons.”, and I just didn’t tell Billie for fear of it cause a big fight.

He admits lying to the police in an investigation of a missing child, but his reason is it was to keep his girlfriend from finding out he quit his job "for reasons." Why would his quitting have angered Billie more than finding out he was fired? And why would he have feared Billie's anger so completely that he was willing to lie to authorities about his actions on the day the little girl disappeared?

Billie said to NG it was several days before Shawn told her that he was fired, so while her child was missing we know by his own words that he was lying to both her and the police during that time. The third version he admits to here came up in his third polygraph session which means he appears to have perpetuated this lie until January 5th, at least 8 days after Hailey's disappearance, and only corrected his story upon being confronted by Billie's remarks.


Shawn says he left his job and drove straight to Big Spring, phone records say otherwise.


They never asked which specific places I went. They go, “Where did you go Monday, when Hailey supposedly disappeared?”, and I told them I went to Big Spring, and that’s where I was at.They didn’t ask, “Which way did you go to your Mom’s house?”, or anything like that.

He admits he deliberately witheld information from authorities because they did not ask him specifically how he got to his mother's in Big Spring.

He then claims he went first to his grandmothers house for an unspecified reason, where she was not at home at 6:30 in the morning. This is why his phone appears to ping from the Colorado city tower near his home for a half an hour.

Allegation: In Shawn's interrogation he was asked who investigators need to look at, to which he replied that investigators need to look at “both of us,”

Response: None

Allegation: Shawn was seen to delete a list of phone calls from his phone when confronted with the inconsistency of his phone acivity.

Response: "Yes, and there’s another thing in the affidavits, that I deleted messages or phone calls off my phone, and that is incorrect also. That never happened."

Allegation: In Feb, 2010, Shawn was accused of threatening the life of both Billie Jean Dunn and Hailey Dunn. During his interview he first denied the threats, then acknowledged that he was responsible for threatening both.

Response: "That was incorrect I never made any threats towards Hailey, that was just towords Billy"

Allegation: During interogation Shawn stated that Hailey was promiscuous, sexually active and participated in drug use.

Response: None

Allegation: David Dunn entered the house that afternoon through a window after pounding on the door for five minutes - encountering Shawn in the hallway with a 'deer in the headlights look'

Response: None

Allegation: An uncle claims Shawn was obsessed with horror films and claimed that Shawn made a comment "yah, it's like killing a deer" in response to a comment about how unbelievable it was that someone could kill a young girl.

Response: No, that’s incorrect too. I had a talk with that uncle, and he said he never said that either, and I never said that. I love animals. I wouldn’t hurt animals either.

Allegation: Shawn and Billie Jean had a New Years Eve party at their home

Response: None

Allegation: Several hundred pages of graphic information about serial killers and domestic homicide were found in the bedroom.

Response: "I don't see the difference in me collecting that 'n someone's collecting you know Star Wars memorabilia, or anything else. It's just a hobby."

Allegation: On his first two polygraphs Shawn walked out

Response: I cooperated with them at first, and then I just feel like I couldn’t trust the police anymore

Allegation: On his third appointment for polygraph he failed the question "do you know the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn?"

Response: If I had any knowledge of her whereabouts, I would definitely come forward and tell them.

Allegation: During this polygraph he made a positive indication that Hailey could be found in Scurry County

Response: None

Allegation: Shawn ended this third polygraph by again walking out.

Response: I felt that I gave them all the information I had, and which I really did, and like I said, I just felt like it was a witch hunt at the time, and they were just trying to pin it on somebody. Which was me, and I didn’t want that happening so I just stopped talking to them.

Allegation: Billie Jean under voluntary interview stated that the ATM withdrawls on the night of Hailey's disappearance were used to purchase illegal narcotics for herself and Shawn.

Response: None

So according to Shawn, the affidavit was correct when it said he lied and withheld information from authorities, had a bedroom full of murder memorabilia, showed deception and failed his polygraph, walked out on his interrogation and refused to answer any more questions about where Hailey could be found.

It was incorrect when it said he had threatened both Hailey and Billie, he only threatened Billie, he did not say killing a child was like killing a deer, and he didn't delete any phone messages off of his phone.

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