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Connie Jones and Mary Cooper for Hailey Dunn on BringThemHomeNow Radio - Feb-23-2011

Connie Jones, Clint Dunn's mother and grandmother of Hailey Dunn
Mary Lajohnna Cooper, daughter of Connie, sister of Clint, aunt of Hailey

Transcript of their talk on "Bringing Them Home Now" BlogTalkRadio on February 23, 2011

[Note: All Host comments are abbreviated.
Also, mother of Billie Jean Dunn, grandmother of Hailey - is also named Connie (Ostrander)]

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Host: What is Mary's relation to you?

Connie: She's my daughter, Clint's sister.

Host: Clint is your son?

Connie: Yes, Sir, Yes, ma'am,

Host: Hailey Dunn is missing in Texas and she's been missing since December 27 and Hailey is Clint's daughter and Billie Dunn's daughter. And you are Hailey Dunn's grandmother?

Connie: Yes

Host: Tell everyone what Hailey did to your bedroom walls?

Connie: Okay. When Clint was living living here she would go downstairs, and she wrote on my, on my wall with a fluorescent writing and it glows in the dark and she put HDD on there. And I stare at when I,  at night until it disappears. It's just so like Hailey to do something like that and I will never, ever get rid of it.

Host: Tell us about when Hailey was born?

Connie: Oh, She was so beautiful. When, when she was born. There was only two people allowed in there besides Billie and I wasn't one of them. So I was trying to peek underneath the curtain and the nurse closed the door on us, on my daughter and I. But she was a beautiful baby. She was, she was funny person. She just, when she crawled, the way she crawled, it was just so special. We really miss..

Host: What day was Hailey born?

Connie: August 27, 1997 , I mean August 28, 1997. I'm sorry.

Host : Were there a lot of people in the hospital?

Connie: You know, I really don't know. I was just so <laughter muffles words>

Host: The two grandmothers were there at the hospital?

Connie: No the other grandmother, she wasn't there but my daughter Mary was there and her great-aunt Teresa was there and Clint and of course Billie.

Host: Is Mary sitting there with you?

Connie: Yes.

Host: Mary, What was your experience with Hailey you being her aunt?

Mary: I would treat her just like my daughters. My daughters are just a little bit older than she is and we would go off ourselves, and we would go to McDonald's and I'd tell her not to tell anybody, was just between me and her. We'd go someplace and eat it. I would, I would treat her just like one of my daughters. And I miss her so much.

Host: Connie I went to fast forward and talk about the day Hailey went missing and what was going through your mind and what you were doing that day?

Connie: My daughter was here, her and and her husband and her youngest son, and they were getting ready to leave, going back to Oklahoma, and Clint had called me and asked me if I would come over there and ask, take them to the store because they didn't have a vehicle and I said as soon as Lajohnna left I would go over there. So they left about 1:30 and I went over there and then I passed by Billie's house and I didn't see Hailey or anything or I would've stopped and umm.. Clint didn't feel good that day. His back was hurting so he took care of the two kids. While I took Naomi to the store and then I helped him take the groceries out and I then I passed by Hailey's again. It was around 3:30, something like that, and I still I didn't pay any attention if there was a vehicle there or  anything and but I didn't see Hailey, and I went on home, and  then I didn't hear anything else until the next day that Hailey was missing, and her grandmother called me and told me that she was missing, and we went, Connie and I went over there. I'll never forget that day. I mean it was just terrible.

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Host: Tell us what happened when you went over there, What did you see and experience?

Connie: Well when we got to Billie's house, we walked in and Billie and Shawn was on the couch and there was some girls there. I don't know who they were and we just, there was a policewoman in Hailey's bedroom and we went back there and we talked to her a few minutes and we looked at Hailey's room and umm.. She was searching it. I guess  to see if there were any clues of where she might be and, and then I, I left and went over to Clint's and you can see Billie's house from Clint's back door so I just stood there in the window in the kitchen and just stared at over there, you know, over there, she would come home while I was staring, and then Clint was standing there behind me just staring there.

Host: What was Clint's demeanor at that time?

Connie: He was, He was upset, he was really upset. He, he, he, He was just walking the floor and everything, and they had no communication because their telephone had been cut off and, and they didn't have any communication to get in touch with anybody and I, I stayed there a little bit and then things started happening that shouldn't have happened.

Host: Can you say what that is?

Connie: He got arrested.

Host: Who got arrested and what happened?

Connie: Clint got arrested . Then umm.. He wasn't following the law of .. probation. He was on probation. He hadn't called or got in touch with his probation officer and they arrested him and then, then the results of that, they got kicked out of their house. So I told him that they could come over here and, and everything.

Host: Then you drove by Hailey's house on the day that she went missing and I believe you said 3 PM correct?

Connie: It was between three and 3:30 it was probably closer to 3:30.

Host: What were you thinking?

Connie: Well I was thinking about, I should stop and see if Hailey wanted to come over because I had asked her when she was here Christmas if she wanted to help me start Christmas for next year – she said "Sure!" and I was going to teach her how to sew and we were gonna make some blankets, some quilts for her dad and her mom and my daughter, and out of old shirts of the kids was what we were gonna make them out of, and she was really excited about that. I was gonna teach her how to sew and stuff and she would really like coming over here.

Host: Did she spend a lot of time at your house ?

Connie: Well her dad lived here. She was here almost every week, and, and she'd been here a few days and then she'd start missing Billie and she'd want to go home and then she come back in a few days and then she'd go home. That's the way, the deal they had, I guess. And umm.. And she equally missed her mom and she equally missed Clint, I mean it was her mother and her father and the whole time that they had been broke up, she's always wanted them to go back together.

Host: How would you respond to the idea that Hailey left home because of Naomi? She didn't want her father to be with Naomi?

Connie: Well, before the baby was born, before Clint and Naomi's baby was born, Hailey was very jealous of Naomi - and she did tell me, she says that I know that Naomi is trying to take my dad away for me and everything. And after the baby was born, she seemed better. She wasn't just, She never was jealous of that baby, she loved that baby. Naomi told me that she come over there just to hold the baby the whole time that she was there and she, I mean she'd, she was doing better with Naomi then when they first started out and everything. And I could relate to that because my little sister was born when I was 15 so ha ha I know how it is to be jealous of the baby when you was the baby for 15 years.

Host: About the money. There was an account set up for Hailey donations and the money in there was no longer in there a lot of people were pointing the finger at you. Please address that?

Connie: The only account that I know was the "Chipin" that went to a "PayPal" and I had no access to it at all and it went into Clint's checking account every penny of it went into Clint's checking account, and I think he still got some money in there from the "Chipin" and..

Host: You had nothing to do with that money?

Connie: No ma'am I didn't and I still don't. I mean my daughter and my son-in-law, they set it up for Clint and that's the only account that I know about if there's any others, I don't know anything about em.

Host: There is another person of interest. You know who that person is, could you explain that please?

Connie: well The other person of interest is my oldest son, Brian Glasco. And he and hemade some remarks last year umm.. before he moved from here, about Hailey and Billie and I haven't heard any other thing that has said because right now, were not talking to each other and umm..

Host: What did he say to Hailey and Billie?

Connie: well him, the guy who told me that, he said that, He said it to Clint and it was only about Billie, something about getting a hammer and hitting her in the head or something.

Host: Didn't he also threaten Hailey?

Connie: Not according to Clint. But somebody else had told me that.

Host: Why would he have said that about Billie and Hailey?

Connie: umm..well Hailey umm.. I assume, I wasn't here, I was in Oklahoma, but Hailey I guess was here, and I guess she saw some things that she, that she shouldn't of saw, and she told her mom and her mom turned Brian in and Brian was mad about it.

Host: Was he being turned in for drugs?

Connie: Yes, ma'am.

Host: Where has your son, Brian been? Do you know his whereabouts when Hailey went missing?

Connie: umm..he was in Corning, California

Host: So he has been accounted for ?

Connie: Yes.

Host: He's back in jail in Houston?

Connie: That's what I heard. I I I mean, that's what I told to Naomi. I haven't heard it from any official person so I don't know but I have my little sister checking in on it in California. He knows Brian's dad and Brian's little sister's mother. He knows them and she's checking in on it for me. If anybody knows it would be Brian's dad he'll know.

Host: Has he ever been incarcerated in Corning, or Red Bluff, California?

Connie: No, I don't think so

Host: You said that he's been incarcerated for drugs?

Connie: I don't think he's ever been incarcerated for drugs . It's just other things . I don't think it's never been for drugs.

Host: Has Brian been known to grow marijuana?

Connie: In California. Cuz it's legal to grow it out there. You can grow it and sell it to the pharmacies to the pharmaceutical places out there. He has a little card saying that he can, it's legal for him to smoke it and stuff so..

Host: What was it that Hailey saw that might have got got her into trouble or scared her?

Connie: I really don't know. Like I said I wasn't here. I had spent some time up at, to see my daughter's house in Oklahoma and when I come home, that's when everything was told to me - so I really, I assumed it was some kind of drug. I don't know.

Host: Are there any other people of interest at this time?

Connie:umm.. Besides Brian and Shawn? There's somebody that I suspect..

Host: Who's that?

[Timestamp 1:12:14]

Connie: Patricia Trishel

Host: Who is that?

Connie: Naomi's mother, my son' s girlfriend's mother, Patricia Trishel

Host: And why do you suspect that?

Connie: Because she told me last year that when she got into this money she was gonna be getting she would put a hit out on Billie Jean, Naomi's ex-mother-in-law and, some other person and to hurt, hurt somebody real bad taken the..<Background noise> Taking Billie's daughter would hurt Billie more than anything else

Host: Why would Patricia want to hurt Billie

Connie: You just have to know her to know why, she's a very confused woman

Host: That's Naomi's mother ?

Connie: yes

Host: Does Patricia not like Hailey

Connie: I guess she does now. From what I can gather, she's been gone over to Billie's house every day associating with her. I don't know for sure because I haven't talked to Billie in quite some time, but that's what I've heard Tricia has been going over there to Billie and, Billie's house.

Host: Do you think that Tricia could hurt somebody?

Connie: Yeah.

Host: Would she have a motive to hurt Hailey?

Connie: Not hurt Hailey, but the hurt Hailey she could  hurt Billie Jean. And then Hailey would get into her pickup with her because Hailey would consider her as a friend.

Host: What you think happened ?

Connie: well, I think that, I mean, yes, I do because I mean, Patricia could've done something but I still think it was Shawn. I think that after he got back home that morning, he did something because she wasn't seen outside of the house. She wasn't seen walking down the road or anything so I that's what I figure and that's what I told people I figured Shawn did something with her.

Host: I just spoke to Trish today and I just want to push out there some truisms about Trish that she has been very involved in this case and she is in Midland, Right now spending the night and putting flyers up. She's heavily involved in the search part of this.

Host: Your true belief is that Shawn did this correct?

Connie: Yes, ma'am

Host: What do you believe happened with Shawn that day?

Connie: I believe that after he quit his job, he went home and maybe molested her or raped her, and knowing my granddaughter there's no way that she was going to keep quiet about it. Period. I mean she's openly verbal, Hailey is, and I figured he had to shut her up.

Host: Do you think he killed her in the house?

Connie: Well, I know, I know a little bit about stuff like that because I have watched a bit of TV, and a lot of that's not true and stuff. If you try and choke somebody you're not gonna have too much evidence. There's not going to be any blood and nobody's checked him for any scratches or anything and they would be healed by now. And I think at the time that he started talking again to the media, I think that he had already went and moved Hailey's body what he could find of it because it was long enough time that the varmints could've already took Hailey's bones and buried them. And I figured that the only thing that was there were maybe her teeth. If her teeth, because now dogs and animals will eat the teeth, would be her hair and I figured that he took it, somewhere. That's my, that's me. That's how I, I am figuring things out, but I'm hoping and praying that I am wrong.
And if I am wrong then I will be the first one to apologize to Shawn Adkins. and him hoping and praying that I am wrong and hoping that she's just out having a party and she wants to come home, but she's afraid to come home because of all this media stuff. I am hoping that that's what the deal is

Host: Do you think there's any way that Brian would've hired someone to take or hurt Hailey

Connie: He has no money, he can't. He can't work, he hurt his leg in 05 and he's unable to work and he's not on any kind of SSI or anything. And him, he's not able to work. The only money that he has coming in is what he does sell with the pot in California. That's the only money that he has. He has no automobile and he can't get his drivers license unless he pays a heavy fine out here so I don't think he'd have anybody that would do this for him because I don't think anybody owes him a favor.

Host: Has he taken a polygraph?

Connie:I don't know. I haven't heard from Brian since May.

Host: There's a rumor that you paid his bail release money?

Connie: Brian's? No, no, no I, no I didn't. This time. No ma'am I didn't, I didn't pay his bail. Because I don't even know for sure if he's in jail or still in jail. I don't know when, I wouldn't have the money anyway. I just get Social Security and that's very little. And I don't have the money and I wouldn't. I mean Brian is the type of person he tells me "Mom. I got myself in trouble, don't send me any money. Don't get me out. I will get out eventually." He would always mention he never wanted me to send any money when he was locked up. Never did. And I would send him 20, $30 every now and then and he would get mad at me for sending it to him.

Host: What are you doing as a family to get the message out there about Hailey?

[Timestamp 1:21:00]

Connie: This is all for Hailey. Well, Mary and I went out and searched a few times and we, we drove around quite a bit and, and we helped with the flyers, and her husband and her are the one who got that "Chipin" account, ehem, excuse me, account for them and I am always on the computer. Physically I'm not able to just get out there and do anything because I've been pretty sick here the last 10 years, I guess you'd say. umm.. I do everything I can right here at the house and stuff and keeping up with Clint stuff and making sure that he's got a positive attitude himself. You know. Trying to be brave for him because Hailey's my first point of view and Clint is my second. I mean, them two is who I focus on and only them two. Everybody else can take care of themselves -they're alive and we know where they're at. I don't want Clint, I don't want Clint to, to forget what he needs to focus on right now. I don't want him to lose it.

Host: Clint is on TV saying that Shawn was innocent. How do you feel about that?

Connie: Well Clint, he don't wanna believe that, that his wife would bring a, a, a person like that into his kid's life . You know. Like nobody would want to do that, you know, and I'm sure Billie don't even, and Billie don't want to believe that, that she had possibly put her kids in danger with somebody and umm.. but Clint is told me. He told me Everybody's a suspect, everybody's a suspect until we find my daughter.

Host: What is your perception of Billie not showing emotion. Has she always been this way?

Connie: Well, I've seen her cry over and over wanting Clint back and everything and you know. Tears can get you just about anything. But her mother is my best friend and she told me that she's spent many nights over there since this is happened at Billie's house and she said she'd hear Billie almost all night long in that bed crying and crying and crying and crying. And umm..She said she didn't know what to do. She said Because if she went in there She'd start crying. And then they'd never shut up. She said every night Billie cried.

I know that this I, I know she loves that little girl, it's got a be tearing her up . And I don't know if she knows, might know something and maybe Shawn threatened her to not say anything. I don't know. I know that she, he threatened her before and I know that she's been scared of him before because she came over here to my house to spend the night because she said she was afraid of Shawn.

Host: Why was she afraid of Shawn? What happened?

Connie: I, I, I don't really know. I think it was something to do with his ex-girlfriend, because Billie said that he held her hostage, held his ex-girlfriend hostage or something, threatened her and stuff. I don't even know who the woman is or I would try to get a hold of her myself.

Host: Has he been known to violently hurt people?

Connie: umm..He threatened me and my son! And the police down here in Snyder, Texas, they know that because they come over here and listen to the tape - it was on my answering machine and he threatened both Clint and I.

Host: What did he say?

Connie: He said he was going to get a gun and come over here and kill everybody in my house and he was going to get me and Clint at the time. He felt that Clint and  Billie Jean were still seeing each other. Clint was through with her. He didn't, He didn't want her anymore.

Host: What do you say when she says that he could never hurt anybody?

Connie: I don't know what she means about that. I mean , you put the right weapon in somebody's hand and they can hurt somebody.

Host: She said it to us

Connie: … And they can hurt somebody whether accidentally or on purpose and he came over here one night and him and Clint got into a fight in my front yard and umm.. Well Clint he's been into martial arts for a while and he just put the man to sleep on my front yard and he woke up and went out, went over to his car and he was fooling around in his backseat. The cops arrested him and he had a club back there with nails all the way through it, all the way through it. I guess he was going to get the club and try and kill Clint. I don't know. But the cops took the club so they still have the club down at the police station and I'm sure they didn't release it to him. Cuz it was a weapon.

Host: So you saw him threaten Clint with the club with the nails in it?

Connie: Well, no, he had the club. It was still in the car. But they did get into a fight in the front yard.  and David was here, Clint son, and him, Connie, my friend, she was here. All the neighbors were around and everything. And it.. David was just beyond himself. I was trying to calm David down so I didn't get to see much of the fight or anything because I was trying to calm my grandson down. I mean he was just a crying, he just kept telling, Shawn's gonna hurt his dad. Well Shawn never hurt Clint, I think he might've barely touched him, barely hit them or something, but Clint said he didn't even hurt him.

Host: Who was Hailey afraid of?

[Timestamp 1:28:08]

Connie: She told me that when her and Billie, when him and Billie first got together, she said she didn't like Shawn. She said she was afraid of Shawn.

Host: Mary, what do you think of Billie and Shawn?

Mary: Well, probably the same as everybody else. I mean, because I just don't understand how she can just sit over there and… with him…

Host: Explain that?

Mary: Well, he's a suspect. And he's living there with her and she does not have any of her kids now because of him and…

Host: How do you feel about Shawn and Billie living together?

Mary: I don't like it. It infuriates me. Because he's a suspect and I just don't understand why he, why she's putting him first and I mean if she would tell us the reason why I would understand it but she doesn't talk to us. So it just infuriates me that she is with her and she's with him and there's ..where's Hailey? I mean..

Host: What do you believe happened to Hailey?

Mary: <Long pause> I have, I have all kinds of things going through my head all the time. I don't want to think about… I hope she's safe.. Somewhere. I just don't want to think about the other things. I mean..

Host: What is your intuition?

Mary: I don't believe she ran away. She didn't take anything. I mean 13-year-old's their stuff is there life. umm.. She didn't take anything. She didn't. I don't think she'd run away. Something happened to her. Somebody has her and that's what I think happened. I think somebody has her, something happened to her because I don't think she ran away.

Host: do you believe that the disappearance of Hailey Dunn has to do with drugs?

Mary: Quite possibly, yes. That is a possibility.

Host: Do you believe that it is in relation to the Elizabeth Ennen case in any way?

Mary: No

Host: Connie what happened Christmas?

Connie: Well, we had a dinner and umm.. Right after the dinner umm.. Billie brought the two kids over here so they could open their presents and umm.. They opened their presents, and thanked everybody for their presents and me and Hailey and David went into the kitchen and asked me if they can have a piece of pie and I said they can have anything they wanted. So I fixed them a piece of pie and a piece of bread that I had made. And they were sitting there eating it and Hailey and I were talking about what we were gonna do this coming year and umm..David was talking about his games and football and all the stuff that he, that he does and everything. Billie,umm.. come up, She came into the house and she picked the baby up hugged the baby and Billie hugged me, told the kids that it was time to go and she was standing at the door and she motioned for Shawn to come up to the door and umm.. I got this little dog,  well  he's, he's not a little dog, I've got this dog and he was right here beside me. But when Shawn appeared in the door the dog stood up and I noticed that Judge was watching Shawn, wouldn't take his eyes off of him. Shawn moved and the hair stood up on Judge's back. I had to grab his collar because I was sure he was going to go attack him.

Host: How is David doing? Are you able to see him?

Connie: Yeah, he's come over. Him and Clint and Isaiah and my other grandson, Jared are in that. What is it? That karate thing? David loves it. That's his ambition to be an ultimate fighter, MMA or something like that and he is really into that. And he comes over here and we don't talk about anything. We don't talk about Hailey at all. All I'm, I want him to bring it up. I'm not gonna be the one to bring it up. So if he wants to talk about it. We'll talk about it but I'm not to be the one. I'm not gonna ask no questions or anything because I do not want him upset anymore than he's been upset and he's just 16. And I know this must be bearing down on his little mind, and it's like the other day we did IQ tests and he's mad at himself as he only got 117 IQ and he thinks he is stupid and I told him that's pretty good for a 16-year-old, but I know it's bothering him that he, he comes over here.. He loves Clint, and they go in there and they play their PlayStation and games and stuff like that. He just loves being around Clint and me, he loves me and he loves being around me, but he would rather be around his dad then anyone in this house.

Host: How does he feel about Shawn and Billie's situation?

Connie: A while back a preacher come over and David and Clint come in and the preacher asked David how we felt about Shawn and he said that he didn't like Shawn because Shawn was mean to his mom, that's David's words, not mine.

Host: Is he able to go over and see Billie at all right now?

Connie: I don't know, His uncle Roger, who was Billie's brother takes him to school and picks him up. I don't know where he's at from the time he's out of school until Roger gets off work at five. I assume that he's at Billie's house. I don't know. I haven't asked him or anything. I have asked him how his mom is and he says, he told me the other day. "I guess she's all right. I haven't seen her in a while." So I don't know, you know.

Host: Billie said she is not the one who carved "Tap Out" into David skin. Who was the one who put that into David skin?

Connie: Well I wasn't here when it was done. And that's what infuriated Clint was when he was, when he wanted to get custody of Hailey and umm.. Hailey told me that her mom did it. That's what Hailey told me. I haven't asked David for it, about it or anything, and I heard that it was carved in with a circumcision tool. That's what I heard.

Host: What's happening now with the search for Hailey?

Connie: There was a massive search on Saturday and Sunday. I think and they had dinner here Saturday in Snyder at the Legion. No results of the search or anything. I think not this weekend, but next weekend there's more searchers are going to come in and that may be that got the Amber alert going. What's her names on it? Kathy, Carrie? She was here, yes, Carrie she was here and she talked a lot, with Clint and everything .and then this weekend. Clint and Billie are going to Dallas for, to talk, to talk to a bunch of people in a stadium or something. I don't know right now. Clint. She showed him how to make some banners, and how to get things done and everything she showed him a lot of things to do and he's been doing it for the last couple of days and getting out there and getting more flyers done, better flyers, and a banner. He's gonna get a banner done and everything. Clint's gonna keep this open until Hailey comes home. I can guarantee you that, that this is his life mission right now and he, he also wanted me to give everybody a website. If I can find it. Here it is: It's not a discussion site or anything, and it's.. Him and Billie are the ones who got the site going. I don't know what kind of site it is. I haven't been on it or anything. Clint just gave it to me a little while ago and he just wanted me to tell everybody about it on your show.

Host: How is Clint doing?

Connie: Well.. He almost broke down today just a little bit ago and umm..I don't know how he's gonna do if he's gonna make a speech down there because Clint's not a speaker and basically, he Clint, is a very shy person and I told him I said, you know, that breaking down is not the worst thing you can do. I said showing emotion shows that you do care. I said, I said, from what the things that people are saying about Billie they want to see emotion. These people want to see emotion. That's why they're ragging on Billie because they don't see any emotion. I said they see you doing things but they actually don't see you having any emotion. I said you have. I said, here you have. I've seen you in the backyard. Put your, put your face in your hands and cry and I see him do that all the time. Sitting back there in the middle of the yard. And I know it's tearing him up. I know it is because my little sister went missing, but we found her and that tore me up, and that was just my little sister.

Host: Why do you think it's so important that Shawn, on "BringThemHomeNow"?

Connie: I think he needs to. I think Shawn needs to talk about it. I think he needs to clear the air and let his voice be out there, let his voice be known, let him express his reasoning, his point of view about things. You know. I'd, I'd sure I know he has to get approval of his lawyer and everything, I don't want to have these feelings about Shawn. I really don't. I don't like these feelings about Shawn. But nobody's seen her walking around or anything that day and then it's like poof, she just poof, and into thin air and she's gone and it's, to me, it just points to Shawn,and he needs to clear things up. He needs to clear things up with why he went back to Ccity that morning.? Why did he quit his job that day of all days?

Host: if Hailey is out there. Could you please talk to your granddaughter and your niece.

Connie: Hailey my darling, we need you to come home. You are missed and loved so much. If you are able to call me, call collect at any time. I will be here to take your call. If anybody will be here to take your call. If you, if you don't have a way, call me collect. And she's not in any kind of trouble or anything. The law's not going to prosecute her or anything for running away, being gone. We just want her home.

Host: .. and Mary?

Connie: She can't, She can't say anything right now.

Connie: Can I say something else. If her grandmother, Connie was here. She would say the same thing. She wants that little girl home so much. I mean she's just when we were talking to each other. We just, we just cry on each other's arms. She spent the night here and we would, we would just cry together, we would ride around. We just cried all the time. It's killing us. We just want some, something to hold onto. We want, We want our baby back is what we want and I know Hailey. I hope Billie Jean wants her back. And If anybody knows anything, please call the Colorado City police.

Host: Connie could you reach out to the people who know what happened to Hailey I want you to talk to them. What do you have to say to them?

Connie: Please let her go. Bring her home. Let her off at a bus stop. I'll go get her, just, you know, anything, the longer that you keep her the harder it's gonna be on you. If somebody is hiding her at her request its still gonna be hard on you. She needs to come home and we would do anything for her. If she, we will let her live anywhere. I will move to California. Hailey, if you want to come home. We can go out there, we can stay. We can live on the beach. I know somebody that lives on the beach. I know you want that so bad, I would do that for you, my darling, I love you so much. Just if anybody has got her,  have a conscience and let her come home. I mean I would trade places with her anytime because I'm old and she's just starting your life. And we just want her home. Everybody wants her home.

[Timestamp 1:46:50]

Host: I applaud you for having the strength and courage to come on and to open your hearts and your world and to share everything you know with the listeners.

Connie: Can I say something else that Clint wanted me to say? He wanted me to tell every parent out there. We always thought that it couldn't happen to us. We were nobody people. You know It happens to anybody. Your kids are not safe. They should be safe. This world is just getting so messed up. You need to hold your kids. Tell em that you love them all the time. Try not to be mean to em because they are your legacy. Just love em and watch em make sure that they don't get into a car with nobody. Make sure that they run and scream and holler, everything, just love your kids. I don't want anybody to be in this situation ever. It's a terrible situation and I don't, I don't want anybody to go through this pain.

Mary: Thank you for having us on.

Connie: Thank you very much, we have to keep up the search for every missing child, every missing person.

Host: Can you tell us about the event that Billie and Clint is attending this weekend in Dallas?

Connie: I don't, I don't know much about it. Clint is the type of person he thinks it will upset me so he don't tell me a lot of stuff so umm.. It's some kind of, I don't know some kind of rally down there for all missing children and stuff. I'm glad he's going because I'm sure it's going to be publicized and people are gonna know and he's making T-shirts and buttons and flyers, and he's going to pass them around down there and everything. And I've got my sister passing flyers around out there in California and I've, everybody. It's all over Facebook. She's out there on bulletin boards. The way people have come forth and helped us and everything. It's been so awesome, I love everybody.

Thank you so much for calling in. Good night, Connie. Good night Mary

Thank you

[Timestamp 1:54:45]

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  1. Thank you for transcribing the interview. It is a long, painstakingly slow process and what you do is in the interest of justice.

    Thank you,
    Peter Hyatt