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Billie Dunn Press Conference January 31, 2011

Billie Dunn Press Conference January 31, 2011

I'm going to apologize because my throat is scratchy. I've got a sore throat. Is everybody ready

I'm going to read this because I don't want to forget anything xx <begins reading>I wanna give a complete very detailed xx statement of everything that went on the day before the day Hailey disappeared and the day after just everything I could remember xx I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me an opportunity to make a statement.
First I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she's listening <stops reading>xx wherever you are Hailey I'm lookin for you. Hundreds of people are lookin for you. We all want you home safe. xx I just want to see and touch your beautiful face xx I really love you. I desperately need you home and xx There's not a minute goes by  I'm not praying for you or crying wishin <face touch> you were in my living room. xx I can't handle not knowin where you are or if your safe. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on, and I'm very proud that God chose me to be your mother. 1:36
<begins reading again>Next I want to say is if someone out there has Haley please let her go just turn her loose drop her off at a church, a school a police station anywhere that she can get to a phone and call police or call her family, even if xx anyone has any information on Hailey's whereabouts, where she might be please call the police even if they think the information is not relevant or too small to worry about or that it's already been reported. Please call it in any way any information you might have may tie somethin together or make something click for investigators xx Someone out there knows where Hailey is or knows something that can help find her.
I feel like I need to go over the days surrounding Hailey's disappearance again for several reasons, many people who were not close to the case seemed to be confused because there are so many conflicting accounts of what actually happened After watching many of the interviews. I'm beginning to see why myself.
xx I have yet to see an entire interview aired or printed. They are cut or pasted, edited for time and space, and often I'm not quoted in correct context. My words are sometimes picked apart and twisted around in such a way that I don't even recognize them.
I've been flat out called a liar by some people. Others speculate on my possible involvement in Haley's disappearance or wonder if I'm covering up for somebody. Some people accuse me of withholding information and not cooperating with law-enforcement
These things are not true but I now feel that I have to defend myself from ridiculous accusations slander or defamation of character. That said, I want to start out by saying that there was no blowout on Christmas. There were no arguments or disagreements  everyone was getting along fine. xx Everyone pretty much got exactly what they asked for
On Sunday, December 26 Hailey returned home around noon after spending the night with Clint. I cooked a small Christmas dinner for the four of us. We ate around two
after dinner we all just relaxed and hung out It was just a nice quiet enjoyable lazy day.xx Later that evening around eight or nine. David left to spend the night with a friend. That's where some of the inconsistencies with family, comes along.
David says he left at nine o'clock at night I was saying he left at six or seven. That's the inconsistencies. xx Shawn and I were watchin TV in our bedroom. Haley was playing a Xbox game In David's bedroom.
Around 10 o'clock, I saw that Haley was in her room watchin TV. I told her good night and then I went to bed.
On Monday, December 27 Shawn left the house at 530 my alarm was going off around the time he was telling me bye <pause>
I got up and got ready for work. I usually leave the house by 620 when my ride di'nt show up. I called her to see what was keepin her <no longer reading>xx I peeked in at Haley because I'm used to seein her asleep on the couch. She wa'n't there So right then I remembered. Oh yeah she's in her room I peeked in and it was dark but her TV was on and it definitely pacified me. I didn't touch her but I seen my daughter and felt good. Came in the living room to wait on my ride xx
5:10 <begins reading again>
I left the house around 630 and got to work about seven Shawn called me while I was at work that afternoon. I asked him about the kids. He told me that David wasn't home yet and that Hailey had left to go to Clint's and then was goin to a friends to spend the night.
Normally I work 7 to 7. but I left work early that monday we had a staff meeting and the person that was usually there to relieve me was at the meeting and offered to cover the rest of my shift since she was already there. I called Shawn to make sure he would be there to pick me up.
We left the hospital around 6:15. We stopped by the ATM close to the hospital to get some money out because I was running short on cash. Then we went by my moms house to check on her see if she needed anything. xx Shawn and I still got back to Colorado city about 730 that evening and we were probably in bed by nine.
xx David came in to say good night soon after. I was kind of upset <no longer reading> that Hailey ha'n't called me confirmed that Shawn did let me know she was stayin the night with her friend but I wa'n't worried about her. xx <begins reading again> I went to bed.
Tuesday morning on the 28th. Shawn and I both got up around 530. We left the house together around 620 to go to work xx it's not unusual for Shawn to take me to work he always has to be there by seven. Sometimes he had to go in earlier but he was always told the night before and I would arrange to get another ride on those days. He dropped me off at the hospital at seven
6:43 <speaking really fast>
Around noon I called David on my cell phone that I'd left at home. <stammer, face touch> He told me Hailey wa'n't home yet <no longer reading>so I asked him to text her friend xx to see if Hailey was there and to tell her to go ahead and come home. <reading again>He called me back within a few minutes to say that Hailey ha'n't been there 'n ha'n't stayed the night there.
I then told him to walk over to Clint's. <points> To check with him Elint's phone was broke. So he walked over there and called me back told me that Naomi said Hailey had been over there for a minute on Monday but didn't stay the night.
I told David to give the phone to Clint. After telling Clint how worried I was. I told him I was gonna get a ride home and report <touches mouth> Hailey missing to police. I asked him to call the PD and let em know that I was comin. He agreed to make the call but for some reason he never did. <head shake>
My sister-in-law gave me a ride home from Snyder to Colorado city. I stopped at the house first to make sure Hailey hadn't come back home. Grabbed my cell phone started texting Hailey's friends while my sister-in-law took me around to a couple of their houses before going to the police station.
I got home from the police station around three. <mouth touch> Shawn called me on my cell and talked to David <again> who told them I was going, told em what all was goin on. So Shawn left and got to the house around four o'clock, w' me and  David.
Officer Alexander arrived shortly after to take a more detailed report from me. xx I've just told you everything I know  first-hand, the rest. I learned later either from David or Shawn I'm gonna touch briefly on that.
Monday morning. Shawn quit his job he di'n't tell me about this until Wednesday the 29th. I knew that Shawn had been thinkin about quitting but he knew that I would be mad if he did. He told me that he went in to work Monday, turning in his coveralls and to clean out his locker.
Then he went to his grandmother's house in Dunn. xx but they didn't answer the door. So he came down to I20 didn't <draws a half oval in the air with her finger> come into C city just to I20 'n went to Big Spring. xx He got to big spring before eight o'clock and he knows that because his mother wa'n't hadn't left for work yet. he stayed there until just after two.
When he left to come to Colorado city Shawn said that <pause> around two he left to come to Colorado city.  Shawn said that he didn't get home until around or a little after three. Hailey left just about 15 minutes after he got there.
David told me that he and a friend came home Monday some time between four and five. The door was locked, he knocked for several minutes before reachin in through the glass, was, <pointing> had been broken out, Hailey broke it with a basketball. He reached in through there and unlocked the door. When David and his friend walked in the house. Shawn was comin from my bedroom xx where he'd been watchin TV. 9:39
They all said "hi what's up" to each other and then David xx and Shawn returned to my bedroom -sorry, and David and his friend went to David's room. Shawn remained home until he left to go pick me up from work.
One other thing I want to mention is that it's been reported that we hosted a New Year's Eve party at our house. This is an absurdity beyond belief. Members of my family were at my house to be with me in this time of distress and to worry about Hailey.
While I sincerely appreciate the time and effort of law enforcement agents, that law enforcement agents are putting into investigate Hailey's disappearance, I do not understand why they seem to have disregarded all of the witnesses who've come forward to say they saw Hailey on Monday, December 27
Two of my neighbors came forward to say they saw Hailey in my backyard around noon. Another neighbor said he saw Hailey and a small dark boy, probably Naomi's son, two times between 1030, and noon.
A woman who knows Hailey and a friend She was supposed to spend the night with saw them both walking together in front of Alco around 8:30 PM. This woman was returning a video to the red box and passed by them, she still had a receipt. And brought it by and showed it to me the other day with the date of the 27th and The time of 836 xx
I also don't understand law enforcement's reluctance to publicly name any other persons of interest and for whatever reason they are unable to locate someone to question them, then why not take advantage of the media to get their name and description out and let the public find them.
Investigators keep telling me about numerous other people that they are interested in questioning but there is no sense of urgency to actually get it done. It is been over a month since Hailey has disappeared. Knowin that someone might have information about Hailey that law enforcement have still not gotten around to questioning them is disturbing to me.
While I'm not trying to deflect suspicion away from anyone. I do absolutely want every single person who may have information about Hailey or her whereabouts checked out. <nose touch> In my mind not to of already done this is negligence. It's been over a month and we seem no closer to knowing where Hailey is than we did in the beginning she needs to be found to come home to be surrounded by everyone who loves her.
I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who continued to stand by and support me unconditionally and  are always there for me.
I want to thank Mark Klass and Brad Dennis were both great guys that are willing to do whatever it takes to find Hailey are continuing to stay in contact with me and offer their help . Thank you to the Laura Recovery Center who came down to organize searches and to train volunteers. xx
Thank you to all of the people who have searched for Hailey to everyone who is praying for Hailey's safe return and everyone who has brought me everything from cooked meals to groceries to "Find Hailey" T-shirts and handmade cards.
Thank you Dana with the Summer Thompson Foundation who awarded me a grant. Thanks to the media, who are keeping Hailey's picture on TV and in the newspapers so that she is in the front of everyone's mind.
Although I have not n' will not ask for money,  I greatly appreciate those who have found it in their hearts to want to help me but I want most are your prayers for Hailey's safe return.
There are some people who were going around demanding or begging for money. I am disgusted with these individuals who have never held down jobs are exploiting Hailey to get a handout. I've always worked and supported my kids by myself and I will return to work as soon as I'm able.
 Sorry <cough> I do not want a handout and if anyone asked for money on my behalf, please know that the request is not coming from me and I'm not getting money.
I do hope this will lay to rest the confusion and speculation surrounding Hailey's disappearance on my part anyway. I do not want to have to defend myself or anyone else.
I only want to concentrate on Hailey and everything that can be done to bring her back home. I will continue to hold onto the hope that Hailey is alive and that she will be home soon. I ask that everyone out there also hold on to the hope that she is alive.
Please continue to look for Hailey when you're in a store, when your  drivin down the street wherever you go, whatever you do, please don't give up hope that my daughter Hailey is alive and out there somewhere.
14:18<no longer reading>
an Thank you to everybody that came out and everybody that can get all of that aired or typed up.xx I just really appreciate all of you guys coming out and giving me the opportunity clear that up.
JOURNALIST: What is your relationship like with Shawn Adkins

xx <pause> we're friendly. We talk on the phone.

But I'm not gonna take any questions just because I don't want my statement cut into. I'll do interviews again tomorrow and everyday all day. Thank you

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