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Billie Dunn Speaks - blogtalkradio Feb 8th, 2011 Transcript


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Can you tell me, take me back to when Hailey was a baby. Talk to me about Hailey.

Oh she was such a funny baby. Very outspoken. She was very clumsy little girl. She did everything pretty early. She was just.. She was a real pleasure to be around. She kept us all laughing at all times. She always looked up to her big brother and she still does now but even more so when she was a baby. She was just his tag-a-long.

That's great. So how was your relationship with her as a baby?

Very close. When she got up to teenager - we had our little issues with her hormones but we've always been a very close mother and daughter. I wanted to be her friend as well as her mom.

When she was a baby, I was fortunate enough I was able to stay at home with her until she was probably three or four. That's when I had to start working, but before then I got to spend all day long with her. I got to take her to her first day of head start and spend every morning with her. They let me stay there with her while she ate breakfast so we really got to spend just  a whole lot of quality time together.

That's great. What was she like in school er what is she like in school. When she's in school,what is she like?

She was very smart. I'm not just saying that - she makes A's and B's without much effort at all. She was very active in all of the sports of basketball, volleyball, softball, those are her favorite sports. The cheerleading. I kind of pushed it a little bit. She liked it. It just wasn't her favorite. She was active in band. She got first chair playing the saxophone. She's really active in sports and really good in school. She liked most of her teachers, she had good relationships with the counselors there.

That's wonderful. Can you tell us about any of the special teachers there that she adored?

She spoke about Ms. Strain a lot. That's one of the counselors there. but there were several of her teachers that she liked a lot, she had good things to say about.

I would like you to lead us up to.. You and Clint have separated and gone your own ways


Can you tell us when that happened?.

That happened about three years ago. There was just a lot of arguments and fighting. We really, we gave it all we had. We really tried to stay together. We did love each other and we still do, we just argued an awful lot. We just weren't able to tolerate each other's personalities well I guess and sometimes our arguing wasn't so silent. I'm sure the kids knew we argued a lot so finally we decided he should move out.

And where did he move to, right after he moved out?

In with his mother.

Is that close to you.

Yeah it's about 20 miles away.

Okay, so how did he come that he moved to where he's living right across from you or near you?

okay that was just recently within the last few months he and his girlfriend Naomi, they got an apartment basically right across the street from me.

Okay when you and Clint split up how did David and Hailey react to that?

David took it okay - I know that he's a lot like me and he'll hold his feelings in he doesn't want to get upset and upset anyone else.  Hailey took it pretty hard. She wanted me and her dad back together. At first I even took her to counseling where her and I had a couple of counseling sessions to try to help her deal with it.

And can you explain to us how she took it hard? What do you mean?

She would lash out at people at me and her brother. She told me that her dad was sad all the time, that he wanted to come home, and then she started spending a lot of time with Clint. She would probably stay with him every weekend and that's when she started becoming more of a daddy's girl. Her and I were always really close. But then she felt like she needed to be there for Clint so she started spending a lot more time with him. And she would just tell me "my dad is upset he wants to come home." "He needs to come home." I reminded her that we argued a whole lot and he left a lot and she realized that over time but even in the beginning knowing that she still wanted her mom and dad together.

Right. I'm going to lead you into to another question. This is about three years ago that you and Clint had gone your own ways. When did Shawn come into the picture?

Just shortly after. Within a month I had met him online.

Was Hailey involved online a lot did she get on the computer.

Not until probably about six months ago. She opened up a Facebook account over at Clint's mother's house and we didn't have Internet. But she would get on over there.

Okay. So she was on the Internet quite often or just once in a while?

No every once in a while whenever she was over there or whenever she was at a friends house.

Okay. And when she met Shawn how did that, what was her reaction to you and Shawn coming together?

At first she was okay with it then she see we were dating we were more than just friends. And at first she did not like Shawn at all. She wanted her dad there. She blamed Shawn for her dad not being there and it took her quite a while to warm up to him. Quite a while to befriend him.

Are there problems between Hailey and Shawn?

Not anymore. That's just been over the last year, year and a half though. In the beginning she really did not like him there.

I have a question for you also why would she tell her grandma Connie, she was either scared of Shawn or afraid to go home, just days before she went missing.

They didn't tell me that. I don't feel like Hailey would've been afraid to tell me that. Connie, Clint's mother, she came out with that, told us that about just a couple weeks ago on Nancy Grace. She had never mentioned it to us before. If she had I would've definitely asked Hailey about it. I don't feel she was scared of him at all though.

Can you tell me about Shawn and Hailey's relationship? What they did. Did they play sports together? Can you tell me how were they together?

They didn't play sports together they more just played practical jokes on each other just cut up a lot. Shawn was scared of grasshoppers. Hailey knew it. I would give her five dollars for throwing a grasshopper on him. That's, that's kind of how they were, they played around.

I want to dispel rumors. There's lots of rumors around. That's one of the reasons why you wanted to come on tonight to let the community know what the truth is and put the truth out there. Is Shawn living with you at this time?


Okay thank you. And I want to ask you one more question. What are the disciplinary rules in your house? Did Shawn ever discipline the kids or was it just you?

No, No those are my kids. If they did get in trouble they usually just had to take a timeout in their room for a few minutes.

<skip dialogue>

How long have you and Shawn been together as a couple?

Two and a half years

That's a long time


And are you in love with Shawn?


And so that being said, when people are saying you aren't together right now. Does that mean Shawn is not living with you that you're still talking on the phone?

Yes,  yes we do talk on the phone. I guess we are together. We still try to be there for each other. We really, we need to lean on each other. I have good friends and family support and he's got really good family support but it's nice to be able to talk to each other and answer questions for each other. Also. And he's not living with me just because of all the mess that's going on right now.

Okay that's what I wanted to know was it just because you have a great love for this man and I wanted to bring that out, and the reason you're not together is just because of everything that's going on with Hailey


I think that's really important for people to know that.  And why is that? For your safety? Is it for his safety? Can you explain why that is?

That's because of investigators naming him a suspect.. And I asked him to leave. After that I just thought about everything. I know him very well. I know he loves Hailey.  He doesn't love her like I do, he can't possibly, but I know that he loves her. I know he couldn't hurt anybody and I know he couldn't hurt her and he couldn't hurt me that way. I'm gonna do my best to be there for him as much as I can and as soon as I can get Hailey back. He can come back home too. But he's staying gone. Just because people can be pretty mean.

Yes, but you do see each other and you do talk to one another. You're just not living together?


Right before you did live together?


I just want to make that really clear because that was so confusing to me while I was doing this research.
The other question I had was, you have a son?


And there's this big whoopdedoo on one of the programs that on national TV about him not, him being taken away by social services and I really want to hear your side of the story and why this happened and yeah, again  five different ways but Friday this you know story  was told to me I want to hear it from you.

Okay, CPS did have to come in and interview me because I have a missing child and that's very understandable and good.

They came in. They talked with me. They asked if I would be willing to place David temporarily and voluntarily with, with somebody.  they told me I could go stay with him Also. I told them that I would do that. I have people driving by the house yelling bad things. He doesn't need to be there. So I did sign papers. He wasn't taken. There’s no courts involved. No court order. He’s voluntarily staying with a family member nearby. He comes over every day. I can go stay with him. Clint can go visit him and stay with him, but he's better off right now where he is. He's getting lots of attention. Lots of support and he gets to see all of us.

Can I ask is he with a family member?

He is. He's with my brother

The timeline. I would love for you in your words to tell me starting the day that Hailey.. Okay First of all, I don't know what you do for a living

I'm a secretary at a hospital

Okay, fabulous , I mean stupid stuff like that that people I don't think realize you have a job and support your family. You're a responsible parent, and so I want to bring that out, and I also want to say that. So what happened, take me through the 24 to 48 hour period, and I know this is going to be difficult, well you probably answered at least 100 times take me through your timeline.

Yeah, yeah., yeah.

I have a timeline we typed up. I started it on the 26th which is the day before Hailey disappeared.

Sunday, the December 26, around noon, Hailey came home after spending the night with Clint,
around two o'clock, me Shawn Hailey and David ate a small Christmas dinner that I had made just for us four. And then we just, pretty much lazed around the house all day watching TV.
Around eight or nine o'clock Hailey was playing David's Xbox in his room. He left and went to spend the night with a friend.

Around 10 o'clock, I went to the bathroom and peeked in Hailey's room. She was in there, in her bed with the lights off, watching TV. I just told her "good night" and I went to bed. In

Then Monday morning on the 27th about 5:30, Shawn got up and left for work. He took my car. I was riding with a friend that day. Um.. Let's see.. Around.. I guess.. Some of this I'm getting from David and Shawn also.

So around six o'clock Shawn got to work. He left right away. He had been thinking about quitting his job and he left that day. Left his coveralls there. Cleaned out his locker. He went over to his grandma's house in Dunn, which is about 10 miles coming back towards Colorado city. They didn't answer, so he went over to Big Spring to his mother's house.

At 6:20 I peeked in Hailey's room. I'm used to seeing her asleep on the couch. She'd gotten a new TV so she had been sleeping in her room, so I didn't see her on the couch. I was like "oh wait a minute. She's in her room" so I peeked in there. She still had the TV on and was asleep.

At 6:30 I left for work with a friend.
Got to work around seven o'clock.

About eight o'clock Shawn arrived at his mother's house in Big Spring. From 10:30 to 1 o'clock that afternoon and morning neighbors seen Hailey walking from my house through their backyard, and then back towards my house with a young dark boy that they didn't recognize. I think that maybe Naomi’s son, Clint girlfriend's son…

May I stop you for a minute who was the neighbors that reported this?

Her name is Jane Burress. She lives kinda catty corner from my backyard. She knows Hailey, but didn't know the little boy.

When you say neighbors or people could you give the names?


Great, Thank you

At 12 o'clock, we have a neighbor Dennis. We also have another neighbor Vernon. They both saw Hailey in the backyard around noon talking on the cell phone. Around three o'clock Shawn got to the house. Just shortly after, he said, within 15 minutes, Hailey was walking out the door. She told him she was stopping by her dad's house and then gonna go spend the night with a friend.

Four, five o'clock David and his friend got home. He brought a friend with him.
6:15 Shawn picked me up from work. We stopped by the ATM.
By 6:30 we were over at my mom’s house. Just checking on her because she didn't have a car before we headed out of town. She lives in Snyder where I work.
We still got home by 7:30.

8:30 that night a woman named Celinda saw Hailey, the friend she was supposed to spend the night with and a young man she didn't recognize, walking on Hickory Street in front of Alco. She brought me a red box receipt, to show me the date of December 27, and the time of 8:36 PM.

Billie, can I ask you something? I heard that red box doesn't give receipts? Is that true I wanted to clarify that

 They got it printed off of line. She showed it to me. I don't think it does normally shoot out a receipt. She said she was fairly confident it was Hailey and the little girl she was gonna spend the night with. That's all unconfirmed with law enforcement because the little girl says, of course, that Hailey never showed up at her house.

 Me and Shawn went to bed around nine o'clock that night.

I have a question for you. Another thing they been saying is that they brought dogs out to do tracking and stuff for Hailey. Where exactly did those dogs track Hailey to and from? What has happened with the tracking dogs?.

The dogs came out four, I think four days later. They started towards Clint's house. It was New Year's Eve. They started out towards Clint's house but didn't go over there. They got, they picked up Hailey scent over at the little girl's house down the road where Hailey said she's was spending the night. From there they took the dogs to four different motels in Colorado city and they picked her scent  up at one of the motels, That's near my house. It's right off of I20.

Would there be any reason for her to be, do you visit that motel? Is it a motel with a restaurant? Would there be any reason for her to be there?

No, No.

So keep going, please .

Okay So on December 28th. Shawn and I both got up around, I guess around 5:30.
Probably left the house at 630 to take me to work.
Left David at the house by himself, he's 16 and I leave my cell phone there with them when I go to work.
Around 12 o'clock, I called David. A said “Text the little girl and tell Hailey to go ahead and come home” and within 5 minutes he called me back and said “Mom, She said that Hailey never went over there and Hailey didn't spend the night there.”
So I asked him to go over to Clint's. Clint’s cell phone was broken. So he walked over to Clint's and he called me back . He said said “Mom, Hailey didn't stay there.” So I said go back and put your dad on the phone and let me talk to him.
Clint told me that Hailey didn't spend the night there, I said okay well I'm fixing to find a ride home from work and we called the police and let them know I'm coming to file a report

Did Clint call the police at that time?

He didn't.

 Okay. Do you know why?

 No. He said he didn't have a phone to call them. I just told him well use my phone just call em. I will file the report myself but just give em a heads-up. He didn't and I'm not sure why.

Then around, around one o'clock, my sister-in-law picked me up from work brought me back to town. Checked at my house. Hailey wasn't there yet. I got my cell phone started texting some of her friends. We stopped by her best friends her grandma's house, then stopped by stop by her best friend's parents house. Nobody was there and we went to the police station and filed a missing persons report.

Okay. And has anyone asked Naomi where her son was? You don't know that that was him.

Right. I don't know that for sure. And David said that Naomi told him that Hailey came by Monday just for a minute, but Naomi and Clint told me a couple of days later, no it wasn't Monday. We never did see Hailey on Monday. So I'm not sure that she even made it over to their house. And then Jane the lady who saw Hailey and the little boy, she can't be sure that this was Naomi's son either. I don't know. I don't think she's been shown a picture or anything but she did tell FBI twice that she saw Hailey on Monday.

Which phone did David take over to..

He took my cell phone. I didn't pick my cell phone up until I got back to town.

Okay so which phone you on when you were calling him?

When I was coming home from work, I didn't have any cell phone on me.

But you said you were talking to your son and your ex-husband.

Right. I called them from work.

Oh you called them from work. okay.  I misunderstood I thought you were calling from a cell phone. Ha ha. We have to be very descriptive here or new rumors will be started.

I know I know.

Is there a person that threatened, has threatened you and Hailey at all?

I'm not supposed to name anybody

That’s all right.

Investigators asked me if I knew this person had threatened me and Hailey. I told them no, I hadn't heard anything about it until just now when investigators are just now telling me.

<snip dialogue>

There’s been another person of interest. I wonder if you could elaborate on that for me please?

Um.. I don't know what all I can say. I would love to. Investigators just asked me if I knew this person had threatened mine and Hailey's life. I told him no. I had no idea.  It’s somebody that’s kind of close to the family. He had got gotten lost doing drugs. The kids told me this isn't the same person we knew before. He's crazy now. And he told, he told somebody he would like to smack me and Hailey in the head with a hammer for calling CPS on him. We called CPS on him, something that Hailey told me.

What’s CPS?

Child Protective Services.

Okay, can you answer this was that Shawn

No it wasn't

It was someone else. Okay, so it is another person of interest. Specifically, is this person in your family ?


Is this someone you dated ?


I'm sorry they just really don't want me to give any names that ..

<snip dialogue>

Why are you not out searching for Hailey?

Um.. I'm like you said, I'm too afraid of what I could find. Every day that they don't find something is good for me. I'm so very appreciative. I just have endless gratitude to the searchers who do come out there and look. So I do the media. I got her face publicized. I'm gonna try do more of the media because it's really hard for Clint to talk on camera. I started doing that just trying to get her face out there. We started with the Flyers, Clint and I both, that's both of us.

I got in touch with Texas Equusearch their search program law enforcement asked them to be on standby. I got introduced to Mark Klaas. He's just a wonderful, wonderful man and he introduced me to his searcher Brad Dennis. So I got Klaas kids to come down. They certified some searchers. They got Laura Recovery Center to come in. They're gonna come back on the 17th with more of their team and their own dogs and search the more, certify some more searchers, so I'll just continue working with them and continue pushing Hailey's face out there trying to get her face in in the back of everybody's mind.

<snip dialogue>

When they came to take the report of Hailey what was their initial reaction? What were they going to say about this? What were they going to deem it?

They did ask me my gut instinct. I told them of my first reaction was somebody snatched my daughter off the street. We don't worry about her running away, doing drugs, having sex. She's not a bad kid in that sense and..

..and people are picking that apart they want to take that little thing “having sex”, or the birth control can you explain that to people. Let’s clear that air up too. Because that's another question people are asking  all the time too. Why would you mention that

They just asked if she was promiscuous. I told them "No" We had talked about birth control um she wasn't interested in it at all and I don't think she needed it either but I just wanted to let her know she could come and talk to me about it but I don't. I know she's not having sex yet,

But the runaway scenario. I was pretty adamant. We all were. Clint was. Shawn was. We told them we never felt she ran away. She didn't take any clothes with her and I was told that that, that doesn't just happen here..a child being abducted. That doesn't happen here.

That's what the police have told you at that time.


And so you were very adamant your daughter had not run away that day, right ?


And so why this was so a revelation to me and it should be to our listeners is that I'm just saying Billie, lets say you had something to do with Hailey's disappearance. If you did, the best way for you to hide it would've been to say "she's a runaway" because then the police wouldn't have treated this any .. they wouldn't have done anything for a while. Right. ?

Well most cases with, with runaway cases, what happens is they'll enter the child into NCIC then do a what they call a bolo report “be on the lookout” an ATL, “attempt to locate” It does not bring in the searchers. It does not bring in the search and rescue teams or anything else like that. They put it out in a briefing  to other police forces that the child ran away, “Please be on the lookout, we need to bring her home.” It's up to the police to make the determination on what they are going to deem the case, if she's a runaway or not. It's up to your police force. And that's hard, since parents know their kids.

What's been bothering me about this whole thing, If she was a runaway, If Billie had anything to do with it. My assumption would be that Billie would've just said “Yep, she's a runaway.” Then they would have just sent her into the system and nobody would've looked for her. That's why I see Billie as looking for her daughter, doing everything that she can to find her daughter.

Thank you very much.

That's why I wanted to bring that out. I know I had to say something that was harsh there Billie, but I wanted to bring that out in the right way. Okay,

Right and Clint and I, we also pushed for the Texas Rangers involvement. He was pushing for FBI involvement. We wanted everybody involved. We wanted everybody looking for our daughter.

I have another hard question for you. People are asking if Shawn is still in the picture will that prevent Hailey from coming home if he's the person that's been named as a suspect? Why is he still in the picture? There’s a feeling like maybe you're putting him over Hailey. Can you explain this for us?

I'm definitely not putting him over Hailey. Never would. He knows that. Both of my kids know that. They are number one in my life. Shawn is.. My brothers are number two. And he's number three. He knows that.

I proudly say my kids know that also. He would never come before my children. If there was a problem we would work it out, Hailey and I.  I don't.. I don't feel like she left on her own. I don't feel like she's staying gone, but if she is, all she would have to do is let me know she can't stand him for whatever reason, and he won't be there anymore. She's my daughter. I want her back in my house.

Do you think that by Shawn being in your life right now would be but preventing her from coming home if she were to run away?

No I don't. I don't feel she's a runaway. I don't feel she was scared of Shawn. She didn't have any problems. She didn't want him there in the beginning, she wanted her dad there, but she accepted him. They were friends. If I thought that was the case he would be long gone

Billie what if Hailey is out there and listening to this what do you have to say to her?

..that I love you. I'm looking for you. We're all looking for you. You have thousands of people praying for your safe return. I just want you back home. I need you in my life. If you left on your own and there's a problem. I’ll  we can fix anything in the world. I want you home. If,  if you're being held get away, run, scream, get away, get to a phone, get to anybody's house or car. I need you home. I need you in my life. We all miss you and love you very much and I just want to touch your beautiful face again.

Oh, okay, that was beautiful, by the way, and just heartfelt.

<snip dialogue>

Do you look at what people say? Do you watch the news?

No definitely. Never get on the Internet because I see how that upsets my friends and family. I never get on there. I try to not watch the news either. I do watch a little bit every now and then, just to make sure her face is up there, but I try and not watch it.

Who has taken polygraphs and what are the results of those?

As far as I know, me, Shawn and my brother. I'm not really sure why my brother took one. Shawn and I volunteered them. My brother didn't, so again I'm not sure why he was given one. Shawn and I were both told we failed. My brother was told he failed twice. He was allowed to take another one the next day and he passed it. And also, one other guy that I don't really know, I heard another guy took one and I don't know the results.

Do you think that Hailey's disappearance has anything to do with Elizabeth Ennen's, the young lady in Lubbock, Texas?

I hope not.

Is that a possibility?

Investigators had never brought it up to me. I have wondered that. I never even heard of the little girl until the night they found her so I didn't really get to hear her story. And it's been in the back of my mind.

Would you be willing to take another polygraph or do you think it's pointless at this point?

I've been thinking about it. I think if I feel like time is wasted on me,. I mean that's Hailey's precious time, I'll take another one.

Okay, I think that's great

<snip dialogue>

Tell us what it's like to go through polygraph?

It was.. It was kind of nerve-racking. I had gotten Shawn's bad results, gotten interrogated a little bit and then they informed me I could go ahead and take my polygraph. I told them I would. It's about a two or three hour-long procedure. It's very.. I was just very frustrated and tired, wanted to get the test done. I thought there was no reason that I would fail the test, I had no doubt in my mind I was gonna pass it. I thought I was helping out, and then after they told me some deception was indicated they kept me there for five or six more hours interrogating me before I finally stood up around midnight and told them "look, you obvious" ..this was probably two weeks into the investigation. I told them, "you obviously are no closer to finding my daughter if you're sitting here asking me where she is," and I finally left.

Where is Hailey? What would you answer to that?

I wish I knew. I don't have a clue. I know she's not with any of my family. My family wouldn't be letting us go through this. I know she's not just hiding out. I think if she was hiding out with a kid they would've talked by now.

Were you donated a van?

A lady gave me an older minivan.

What's the purpose for the minivan -is it to go back and forth to work with? What do you use it for?

I use it cuz my car’s broke down. She wanted to be able to give something and I always tell people I mean I'm grateful for anything, but all we need are all the prayers, and I know everybody's doing that, but that's all we need, is the continued prayers. Again I'm grateful for anything.

Are you and Clint, with the donations that are coming in, are you offering any money to the searchers for their gas or for anything like that to help them out for being out there putting it out of their own pockets?

No, some of the money I got I put on my bills, but I would. I will gladly offer that up right now. I'll give anything that I can and certainly after I get back to work. I certainly will.

<snip dialogue>

Is there anything you'd like to say to the searchers?

I just I want to make sure that they know that they have my endless gratitude, anything they need they can stop by, if I'm not up there at the Civic Center when they meet. There are other search groups that don't go up there. They just have my endless gratitude. I'm so very thankful to them. I'm so thankful for their dedication to get out there and look for Hailey, or any sign of Hailey, day and night. They go out in the mornings and they stay till dark. They go out when it's cold. I'm just very, very thankful for them.

<snip dialogue - taking calls>

Michael: hello my name is Michael I'm from San Angelo. I would just like to say first that I'm very sorry that Hailey is missing and I wish that she was home. Now Billie, to lead up to my question, several months ago you stated in a call to the police that Shawn threatened your life and others' lives and said that he would kill you all in a way that he would always be remembered. Earlier in the interview you stated Shawn could never hurt anybody but then again you told police in that phone call that he threatened you that he would kill you in a way that he would always be remembered. Then we have the fact that…

Okay, so what is your question caller?

My question is, how can you still correspond and say that you're in love with law enforcement's number one suspect when he told you he would kill you and others in a way that he would always be remembered. How can you in your heart still even communicate with him?

Okay caller let Billie answer that. Thank you for your call.

I know him very well and that was over a year ago, in the beginning of our relationship he was upset with me and Clint. We did say horrible things to each other. I did call law enforcement an' I didn't want him at my house.

Fair enough. OK I'm going to the next caller.

<snip dialogue>

Katrina: we are praying that Hailey will make a safe return. I would like you to clear the rumor up. Why was the couch removed and where was it removed to?

The couches were taken out a couple weeks ago. Just because my brother got new furniture and brought me his old furniture, which was in better shape than mine. We set em out in the front yard. Some guys who work at the power plant. I don't even know the people but they came by and offered to take em to the dump to the local Colorado city dump.

So if anyone wanted to look at those coaches for any reason there at the dump. Correct?


They have searched the dump, but it wasn't for those couches?

No, it wasn't for the couches. Just our trash. Anything Hailey could've wrote on or anybody could've wrote any kind of clue on.

Carol: Billie you said that you're not seeing Shawn now but your talking to him. I have it on reliable source that you were partying with him at a motel for or five days ago and someone saw him leaving your house today in that van.

No. We haven't been to any motel. No parties. I rarely ever do have a drink, probably not even once every year, but we talk on the phone all the time. We hadn't been anywhere together. We hadn't been in any motel.

Are you taking the medication Klonopin?

No, I was prescribed some Ativan and they are similar. I don't take it anymore. But right after Hailey left, I was prescribed some and I took it.

Absolutely. And so everyone out there knows Klonopin and Ativan, Ativan being shorter acting than Klonopin, are like a Xanax. So if you are a mother who's been in any traumatic situation you would be given this drug and prescribed this drug so that you could function. Correct Billie?


Not meaning to put words but I wanted to clear up that little issue there.

Caller: Hailey was last seen the day that Shawn quit his job. You and Shawn left for work the next morning and later that day reported Hailey missing. Since Shawn didn't have a job to go to since he quit the day before, where was he all day on the day that Hailey was reported missing?

Those days he was in Big Spring at his mother's house.

And that's verifiable. Correct Billie?


Caller: Can you tell us why he wasn't at home with you?

He came, he came home after I did. I didn't even think to call Shawn. Left work, stopped by a couple of places looking for Hailey then went and reported her missing.
After I got back home, he called my cell phone and my son David answered and told him what was going on and he came home at that time.

Roy: Tell us some questions that you were asked by the polygraph examiner.

OK, just related to Hailey, they asked other questions. Related to Hailey, they asked if I did anything to cause her disappearance or if I was, I think, if I knew anything of her disappearance that I was holding back.

Roy: And also did they say what you had indicated deception on the polygraph?

They didn't tell me. Just that it showed I was being deceptive. They explained to me this one line that I could see on there, there were several lines. There was one line that went up to the number 10. That's I guess, the highest it goes. When I purposely told a lie, they showed me it went up there so I would understand it. It went up to number 4 or 5 each time a question was asked regarding Hailey, so I guess that shows some deception. I'm not sure. I don't understand the polygraphs at all, but that's what I was told.

Why haven't you been out to Hailey's bridge?

I have. I don't stop out there. It's very emotional for me. I’ve stopped out there probably once or twice I tried and I don't really leave my house. When I do go by there, I look at everything. I think it's wonderful. It shows lots of support for Hailey, and I think it's very nice.

What is Hailey's bridge?

There's a bridge in between Snyder and Colorado City, it's in the town of Dunn, about 10 miles 12 miles from Colorado city. Some of the searchers started putting stuffed animals out there, some of them wrote poems for her and tied them to this bridge. The bridge is completely full. And that's where the searchers meet. Some of them.

Some of them meet at the Civic Center?


Have you been to the Civic Center?

Yes, ma'am

And you meet with the searchers at the Civic Center?

Every now and then.  I'll just go up there just to tell them just to let them know I appreciate them.

Why weren't you at the balloon release the other day?

They did let me know about it, probably a week ago or longer. They told me they were gonna do it. I was hoping I would get a call to remind me or let me know exactly what day and time. I would've loved to have been there. It's nobody's responsibility to personally contact me but I definitely would've liked to have been there.

..and you don't have Internet or computer or Internet at home she couldn't have found it on the Internet.

No I don't get on the Internet anyway.

<snip dialogue>

Shoshona: You said that basically Shawn couldn't hurt anybody. How do you know for sure that he couldn't hurt anybody, just say.

Just because I feel like I know him very well. He's gentle. He's a sweet person. He's compassionate. I don't feel like he's somebody that could hurt another person.

Shoshona: In 2010, did you have another job other than your secretarial job?

No. I've just been at the hospital. For a little while, I left and went over to the clinic that was the same company but I went right back over to the hospital.

Nicky: Billie you were talking about your timeline and you mentioned that when they couldn't find your daughter that you had your son go over to Clint and then he called you and told you she wasn't to be found. And you said you were gonna call the police right away. Why would you even make that statement without checking with her friends? Being that she's a teenager or looking around for her first. Why would the police automatically come into your mind?

Because that's my child. Of course I automatically panicked when she wasn't where she said she was supposed to be and we checked with her father and she wasn't there, either. That's not like her at all. But we did first, I told David call the friend she spent the night with and tell her to come home, she wasn't there. And that set off red flags.

Nicky: And there's a video of her at school.  You also made a statement then that I believe it was on Nancy Grace about.  “Look at the way she walks” and what did you mean by making that statement?

I just meant that you couldn't see her face clearly in that video, but you can at least see the way she walks you can get an idea of her posture. You know If somebody did see her walking down the street or walking in a  store, hopefully that video was helpful. I know you aren’t able to see her face in it though.

People keep asking about David. There's a rumor going around that you cut him with the circumcision knife or with acid.
I can explain what they're probably talking about is silver nitrate sticks. They look like a match you dip them in water and they'll stain your skin. I've come home with those or alcohol swabs or pins in my pocket. David and a friend got a hold of those and drew on each other and that's the only thing they've ever drawn on each other with. There's been no carving or acids or chemicals or anything.

Did you do this to your son what they're accusing you of?


Thank you for clearing that up for us.

You're welcome.

<snip dialogue>

Truckersvoice: Billie, I do have a few questions for you and I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna be very blunt, first of all I've been listening to the whole interview. I've been sitting here really patiently use you sound like you're doing well. There

There is absolutely no emotion. You're displaying other than laughter if it was my child I would be in tears. I would be frantic Why are you so calm

It is silly to not think that I'm not every night. Every morning when I wake up and realize that my daughter's not my house. It does me no good to break down in front of strangers. I can't get out what I want to say or get out my answers. I go crazy all the time

Truckersvoice:  even when you're in interviews. You're being asked questions about your daughter. I would expect that you'd be a lot more than acting like you're at a job interview. “Yes she's missing, yeah that's great.” Let's just say, that's what it sounds like from my opinion.

 It’s not great. I'm sorry you haven't seen the interviews where I have broken down. I do my best not to.

Billie I’m going to give you a chance to rebut to that because I have seen interviews with you crying.

<snip dialog>

Because you're on medication to keep you calm to keep you functioning and its temporary because you're going through this situation.

I don't really think that's it. I know that I've got to hold it together to be able to,  I'm not going to be able to speak for my daughter if I'm crying. Once I break down it's too hard to stop. You can't really stop. Once you start. I do that at home alone. I don't like to break down in front of my family. I do but that upset them, and I don't break down in front of strangers. I want my daughter found and I want my voice heard.

Understood. With that being said, to start wrapping up the interview just want to thank you so much for coming on and telling us your unedited, uncensored timeline, your plea to your daughter, how you feel about Shawn, why you'd, what you have done and haven't done in the search and I appreciate you telling your truth.

Billie if someone is out there and they have your daughter right now what would you say to them?

She's mine and she's Clint's and we want her back. Please let her go. You can let her go anywhere. You don't have to bring her back to her house, you don't have to take her to a police station. Drop her off anywhere. We need her back. Our lives are falling apart. Our families have been ripped apart and we want our daughter home.

You and Clint are working together on this at this point to help each other through. This is much as you can to find your daughter am I correct


Can I say something to clear something else up just one more thing. Hailey was living with me. I know there was a lady Donna Byerly, saying Hailey stayed with her or with Clint. Hailey lived in my house with me and has only been in Colorado City school, and that's it. I just wanted to clear that up also.

Okay that's one I didn't get Billie. I got a lot, but that's one I didn't get.

Our prayers are for you, your family and for Hailey. Thank you so much and anything you need to bring them home is here for you and also there is something special and I was going to wait. Maybe you need to stay on the line to hear this since you don't have a computer, there's a young gentleman that I listened to this morning. He has written a song for Hailey and I have to say it's exceptional. I would like to bring him on to sing the song. His name is Kendall Dean. He's from Oklahoma and we're just honored to have him here. He's a beautiful voice and he's a man of God. Would you like to stay on and listen to the song?

Yes I would.

<snip dialogue>

“It's a dedication to Hailey and Clint”

Look at my hands
they'll never stop reaching
look at my feet
they'll never stop moving
til my heart
it will never stop beating
for you

and I'm searching
and I'm waiting
and I'm yearning
to hold you,
because all I know how to do
is love you.

Just follow my voice
it will lead you to safety
Still your soul
I will never perfect you
I know your feelings
are there too

I will show you
I'm searching
I'm waiting
Hailey I'm yearning
to find you
and I'll tear down barriers
and move the sea for you.

Well I loved you
at first glance
and I promise
that I'll find you

and I'm searching
and I'm waiting
and I'm yearning
to hold you
because all I know how to do
is love you.

I think that was beautiful and I'm glad I got the chance to hear it.

We have Rachel crying. It's usually me crying. Kendall is this song going to be produced?

Yes ma'am. I'm working with my producers now and I would like to fund the whole project because it's bigger than me. We all need to be searching.

<snip dialogue> <Farewells all around, Billy hangs up>

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