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Billie Jean Dunn arrested - March 17, 2011


Billie Dunn in Jail - March 17, 2011 - KTAB TV

Mugshot - Mitchell County Jail - March 18, 2011

 Billie Dunn being led to police car in cuffs -closeup
Photo Credit: Katrina Paytes

Calling All Angels

Dunn House before the arrest

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Billie Jean Dunn speaks to Peter Hyatt on Bring Them Home Now -March 10 2011

Host:  Hello Billy.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Hi

Host: Billy are you on the air with us?

Billie Jean Dunn:  yeah

Host:  Hello and We are here with Peter Hyatt tonight, and it sounds like you have some background feed can you turn down your computer, Please.

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't have a computer.

Host:  Okay. Are you next to someone with a phone that's listening into the show?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No <audible sigh>

Host:  Well we have a lot of new things that are going on, what's going on Billie?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know.

Host:  We have Peter here tonight and I would like for Peter to ask you a couple of question?

Billie Jean Dunn:  okay

Host: Are you okay with that?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Not really

Peter Hyatt:  Would you be okay if I asked you some questions, Billie?  The first question I have for you is what would bring you onto the show tonight?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Because Bea asked me to be here.

Peter Hyatt:  To what purpose?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. I think just because she needed to fill the slot and I was told we were gonna talk about Hailey and we were gonna talk about the search.

Peter Hyatt:  And do you feel like this is off-topic?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt:  Why do you think folks want to talk about you or about Shawn?

Billie Jean Dunn:  What was that?

Peter Why do you think that people want to talk about you and Shawn?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Because, I guess 'cause Shawn was the last one to see her. Shawn didn't go to work that day. and I stood behind Shawn for a little bit.

Peter Hyatt:  Are you still standing behind him now?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No!

Peter Hyatt:  Why not?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Just because I've talked to law enforcement a little bit more.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay. Has that been recently?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Probably about two weeks.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, Billie do you know that I believe that you weren't truthful when you were on the Nancy Grace show? Do you know where I stand with those things?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah, I've heard you said a lot of things that weren't true, that you misread me a lot.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay. Would you tell me what things are or not true?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Probably nothing you said was true. I don't really listen to you though. I've never listened to one of your shows.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, I have a couple questions for you that if you're comfortable answering, I would appreciate an answer for. Shawn expressed some concerns in his appearance that you would seek a plea deal. Why would Shawn be concerned about that?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know. umm..

Peter Hyatt:  He said that it would destroy his life

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't believe he did. I have no reason to.

Peter Hyatt:  You have no reason to what?

Billie Jean Dunn:  To accept a plea deal.

Peter Hyatt:  No, what I'm saying is Shawn, Shawn said that if you were to accept a plea deal. He used the word destroy I think it was, that it would destroy him, destroy his life. Why do you think it would destroy his life?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. I don't know. I haven't thought about it because, like I said, I have no reason to.

Peter Hyatt:  No reason to think of it?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Right.

Peter Hyatt:  You think that Shawn has anything to do with Hailey's disappearance?

Billie Jean Dunn:  <long pause> umm.. <Long pause> I don't know.

Peter Hyatt:  Would you be willing to go to prison for him or with him if he did?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, that's ridiculous. You know what, If you thought somebody hurt your daughter would you be willing to go to prison for them or stick up for them?

Peter Hyatt:  I wouldn't.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Exactly.

Peter Hyatt:  What did you think about Shawn's involvement with the child pornography?

Billie Jean Dunn:  umm.. Well, I don't know what to think about that either, so, I mean, I know that it was there, I know that somebody looked at it.

Peter Hyatt:  Do you know the number of images that were found?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, I know there were a lot of all together pornography, a lot.

Peter Hyatt:  Do you know that was 109,000 images what they called deviant images?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah


Peter Hyatt:  Okay, that what that tells you and I think you should know that really well. That tells law enforcement that type of downloading isn't done easily. It isn't done quickly. It takes a long time to accumulate that, that is a massive amount. I haven't heard of that amount, anywhere, and I think that as long as you're willing to protect him that perhaps you're going to end up arrested with him. Where is you have a chance at this point to do that which is right and go to law enforcement and tell them what you know. Billie, there was a reason why you failed the polygraph, and they understand that, and people…

Billie Jean Dunn:  Right! I was just told that Shawn probably had something to do with my daughter's disappearance. I was just basically told that my daughter was probably murdered! And when I failed it, My brother failed it, Shawn failed it. No I didn't believe it!

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, when you take a polygraph, It measures your emotional response and then let's say you're really emotional about something like that…

Billie Jean Dunn:  … And I've talked to many, many professional polygraphers. Many. I've had many call me.

Peter Hyatt:  And what do they tell you?

Billie Jean Dunn:  They've told me all the same things. I shouldn't of been told that and then asked to take a polygraph. That's number one that came out of everybody's mouth. There's no way I should have been told that and then asked to go back and take a polygraph.

Peter Hyatt:  Have you taken another polygraph?

Billie Jean Dunn:  And another thing is anti-anxiety medicine will cause you, it can cause you to have a false test, show deception, not help you to pass it, make you fail it!

Host:  Billie,

Billie Jean Dunn:  What? What?

Host:  Billie, where's Shawn tonight?

Billie Jean Dunn:    umm.. I don't know.

Host:  Why is he not on the show?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know! I mean, I guess you'd have to ask him.

Peter Hyatt:  Had you seen him in the last two weeks?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah, he's come by to get his things too.. <unintelligible>

Peter Hyatt:  Had you seen them in the last 48 hours?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No

Peter Hyatt:  You've not seen them in the last 48 hours?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No

Peter Hyatt:  If someone said that they saw you in the last 48 hours with them. They would be lying?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I guess

Peter Hyatt:  I want to ask you about the polygraph again if I could. What questions did you fail?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I believe all of them.

Peter Hyatt:  What questions did they ask you?

Billie Jean Dunn: umm.. They asked if I caused Hailey's disappearance. umm.. There were two others pertaining to Hailey.

Peter Hyatt:  Was one of the questions if you knew where Hailey was currently?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I think so,

Peter Hyatt:  And you failed that one?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I think so.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, And did you know that when you take anti-anxiety medication that's going to lower your baseline for answering questions whether they ask you questions about your address or they ask you questions about your daughter. It's going to impact all those questions. How many times were you given the polygraph?

Billie Jean Dunn: Once.

Peter Hyatt:  And have you offered to take another one?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt: And what did they say?

Billie Jean Dunn: umm..  They were talking about it because I was offered one from the FBI and I told them there's no way I'd take another one. And now I've told, now that I've told them I have, I don't know where I stand, but I would definitely take another one through, not from the same man.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, would you take one through the Texas Rangers

Billie Jean Dunn:  As long, yeah.

Peter Hyatt: As long as what?

Billie Jean Dunn:  As long as it wasn't the same man.

Peter Hyatt:  Would you take one through the FBI?


Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah

Rachel:  What is it gonna take for you to help law enforcement find Hailey and be truthful?

Billie Jean Dunn:  It's not gonna take anything.

Peter Hyatt:  You're not gonna assist in the recovery of your daughter?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Of course if I can I will.

Peter Hyatt:  And you spoke to law enforcement, you said, about two weeks ago?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt: Why haven't you spoken with them within the last two weeks?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I have.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, when did you speak to them last then.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Today.

Peter Hyatt:  And what did they reveal to you today?

Billie Jean Dunn:  They didn't reveal anything to me.

Peter Hyatt:  Did you reveal anything to them?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No.

Peter Hyatt:  In all that you've gone through, and it's obviously been traumatic, what do you think was the worst thing that has happened?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Well, obviously my daughter is missing.

Peter Hyatt:  And since that time?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I really can't think about anything else but that.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, because I heard you talking on a lot of those subjects on radio and I heard some real passion in your voice. Were there other things that have been bothering you lately?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Umm.. Idiot people's opinions bother me. I mean it just pisses me off that people think my life isn't horrible enough, lots of things bother me. That somebody I know could've hurt my daughter, lots of things.

Peter Hyatt:  You entertain that…

Billie Jean Dunn:  <Crosstalk> daughter being missing

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, Are you concerned about Shawn accepting a plea?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, I'm not!

Peter Hyatt:  Why not?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Why would I be?

Peter Hyatt:  Because I think that he'll end up revealing information about the deceptive answers that you gave on Nancy Grace, for instance. The deceptive answers that you have given on this program…

Billie Jean Dunn:  <unintelligible word "Every" ?> Stupid ass..

<no sound of a hang up, but perhaps the click of a mute button>


Bea: Peter, Peter, this is Bea, this is Bea. Billie, first of all, I learned some things today. I know that you've lied to me and I'm very upset. I'm just begging you to do the right thing. You don't have to.. Just do the right thing. Can you hear me Billie, please?

Rachel: Billie are you still there? Billie are you still on the line?

Peter Hyatt:  I think she's going to hang onto the sinking ship until it finally goes under and I think were going to see some movement in this case within the next few weeks, perhaps even before the grand jury convenes. And there going to be people and Billie if you're still listening. There going to be people on that grand jury who will see the same deception that everyone else has seen and they are people just like you and me that are listening to these things and it doesn't add up and there going to see the drug use, and they're going to see the child pornography. They're going to see the abusive environment that was Hailey's life and they're not going to be happy, and I think you have a chance to redeem just a part of your life even if it's just for David, at this point. Where you must be honest about Shawn and what happened and more than anything else, iIf you expect to gain anyone's sympathy anywhere you must let everyone know where Hailey can be found.

They know about the the New Year's Eve time, they know about the lack of searching, they know about the lies that were told, they know about the drug use. They know about the lies about meeting with Shawn this week. They know that you are a suspect and yet you tell people you are not a suspect. It's time to come clean. It's time to redeem whatever's left inside of you that still has any maternal instinct left. You owe that much to Hailey. This wasn't fair to her. She had her whole life ahead of her. I know that you've had a very difficult life. I know that you had a tragic life. I know that things happen to you as a child shouldn't happen to any child, but you must stand up and do the right thing at this point. You can't continue to hurt people and deceive. It's time for Hailey's sake. If you have any modicum of love for her, it's time.

Clint Dunn on Bring Them Home Now- March 9, 2011 -Transcript


[Skip over extended greeting]

Host: Hello Clint how are you feeling these days?

Clint Dunn: Well I'm, I'm full of energy right now, you know. I'm still spinning my wheels. And just, I feel like I'm not moving nowhere, but I sure got my engine reared up and trying to do everything I can, trying to set up events. I'm also trying to get the word out to America about our children becoming missing. And that we need to do something about this. We need to change laws and we need to set stuff up. You know politically. I wish I was more political but I'm not. But you know I'm hoping to reach people that are, that can change some laws and revise some paperwork that's done on this.

Host: Clint can you tell me what happened in Dallas and what you learned?

Clint Dunn: well It really touched me down there because I mean, you realize how many people does this happening to?

Host: What was the focus of the conference?

Clint Dunn: this  umm.. Trafficking kids in America you know there's 100,000- 300,000 kids in America being trafficked every year. And you know this is a question that I had asked, and I've asked a lot of people and I haven't got the answers yet. I want to know how many kids are being recovered out of that hundred to 300,000 kids a year, how many are being recovered, you know, do you all know the answer to that?

Host: If you do not recover someone within 72 hours, it becomes very difficult to recover them.

Clint Dunn: That's some of the stuff that I looked up on it too, and that's why some of the laws they need to be revised because Hailey was pronounced a runaway for the first almost a week so they didn't even look for her. They, they was, they thought she'd run away. They didn't even care. So there's some laws that need to be changed, you know, during all this also. And you know, what do I know about Hailey right now? I don't know because the police doesn't tell me crap, so I have no idea. I mean, I have to, I have to go to the news and through the media to find out information about my daughter.

<Host talks about statistics of missing children>


Host: I have had parents who have lost loved ones who can't hold onto a job and end up on disability. It devastates their life for the rest of their life. They cannot function at all.

Clint Dunn: Not only them but their families and their friends also. I haven't got a friend or a family member that's ever gonna be the same.

Host: It affects you for life. Clint you have a valid complaint. And you have a valid reason we need to help find Hailey.

Clint Dunn: I'm so worried that she's been trafficked out of the United States, like you said, what's my odds in getting her back and you know what I feel is that I just have to let this nation know that we have to do something. We cannot ignore this. It's not population control. If that's what the government, government looking at it, probably, I don't know what's going on, why isn't the nation doing anything about this. It should be very important. I mean people can't wait for it to happen to them or to happen to their best friend, or to their little brother or something.

Host: There's been some things that come out since we last talked, the memory stick the pornography, the bestiality, how are you feeling now?

Clint Dunn: Well, somebody's gotta rot in hell, you know, and you ain't gotta beat around the bush with the questioning, you can ask me whatever you want. I know what's gonna be asked and that's what I feel somebody's has got to pay the price. Okay for that and umm.. The,, I mean I really  I'm so baffled about this. I mean, how has it been two months that they've know about this information and and still nobody's in jail. There's  a serious crime and they're letting people just just  live their lives and possibly do this even more. There's things about this case that baffle me so much. Why have they not done something about this and then plus specially if they think Shawn's the person that did it, They.. Put him in jail. That's, that's where they gonna break him at. I mean if somebody has got child porn downloaded on their computer. They're gonna rot in hell. And, But right now they need to be put in prison for a very long time.

Host: Who would that person be in your eyes?

Clint Dunn: See, I don't know, I mean, you know what I guess it's gotta be Shawn.

Host: Has your opinion changed about Shawn, since this is new stuff has come out?


Clint Dunn: Well When my daughter comes home. She's not going back to that house , I mean,  I got to say it like that, you know, but I, I got it. I pray to God that Shawn didn't do nothing. And I, I don't look at it a lot because when, when I, I think about Shawn wrapping his arms around my daughter's neck and, and doing some to her, you know that, that would destroy my life. I can't focus on that crap right now and and I got, I got to keep hope alive that Hailey's out there somewhere alive that, that, that something else has happened here. And so everybody's "what d'ya think about Shawn?" "What d'ya think about Billie?" you know. Me and Billie, We haven't been on the same page since this has started you know that's why were going through a divorce. You know ,we kept it together for a lot of years just for the kids, but you know, were not on the same page from the beginning, anyways. So I'm, I'm out here all by myself doing this. You know I don't have. I don't have I'm not with nobody. I'm not affiliated. I'm solo, is how I feel you know, I feel like I'm the strongest voice that Hailey's got and I'm just out there doing my thing.

Host: Why would you say wrapping his arms around Hailey's neck?

Clint Dunn: He, I was just trying to give you an example about some of the thoughts that go through my mind every day. Every day I , I think of the, the the black van the pulls over and grabs my daughter or, or, or this nasty guy that just jumps out and gets her. I mean I have so many things going through my mind every single day all day. It just consumes me and I can't let one, one in particular thing, what everybody else is thinking. What 90% of the public is thinking. I can't let that consume me, do you know what I mean if I did, if I let that consume me, then I would have gave up two months ago, I would not have looked for my daughter nowhere else in these fields in between Snyder and Ccity.

Host: I respect that. I know that no one can be in your shoes right now. You are the father and no one can feel what you're feeling but know that you have support.

Clint Dunn: I know I do gotta lot of love out there and I just I wish that I could show my appreciation to, to all the prayers and the support and just people that just walked up to me and touches me and that is you know God bless you . You know that are praying for me. I just want to thank all y'all. And, just and I'm on my knees right now, just given my appreciation to y'all.

Host: Did you take a polygraph?

Clint Dunn: No. No, I haven't taken a polygraph. They've told me from the very beginning that I'm not a suspect and they have no reason to look at me and I told them very beginning. Hey you need to do what you need to do, put me in the polygraph or do whatever but clear me that way. We can find out what's going on . But they've known from the beginning that that I'm not nobody to look at, so I haven't done a polygraph or anything.

Host: And where were you the day that she went missing ?

Clint Dunn: I was at home. I was in my apartment, and I didn't leave all day long. My back was, I had , had back spasms that day, my back was tore up. But I didn't leave the apartment all day long. I was there all day.

Host: Clint what is going on between you and Billie now?

Clint Dunn: Well, a week before the affidavits, these last affidavits came out, we got together we decided that we was gonna be, you know, real tight in the public's eye because were working on this together to get our daughter back and, you know, it just, it seems like, like she's standoffish a little bit and so, and then affidavits come out and we just haven't talked since. I mean It's, it's been like this the very first time. Also, when The first affidavits come out, we was starting to work together on this and the affidavits come out, scares me to death, so I don't wanna go nowhere. You know, what am I to do? I mean It just scares me to death, and there's some, some stuff going on that was wrong. And so,  I, I can't. I can't, really back her play up a whole bunch right there. I can't have her back a whole bunch right there, when she's got all this stuff going on and, and so I just separate myself from that situation and then and try not to focus on, on that having anything to do with Hailey too much, I mean there's no need for me to focus real hard right there. It's Obviously, the police are focused right there. Okay, so I'm trying to focus everywhere else.

Host: You believe that the police are doing everything they can to help in this situation at this time.

Clint Dunn: Man there, Like I said, from the first as a father I feel like nobody's doing enough. That you know I feel like I'm not doing enough that you're not doing enough. Of course I feel like the police are not doing enough. I really do. I mean, I can't lie. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. That's how I feel. So that the police are not doing enough I feel like they're mostly focusing on Shawn and they're not looking nowhere else, and you know, the first 72 hours, yeah. Your chances are bad. But everyday that passes after that it just keeps getting worse and worse. 'Cause after a few years, your kids not gonna remember you.

Host: What is your interest in the human trafficking?

Clint Dunn: That's, that's what I fear the most right now. Okay, that's I mean, if, if Shawn did something well then that's done with. Or if somebody done something then that done with if. If Hailey's runaway and she's in a hotel room, well that would be great, to tell you the truth I would love that, that to be the case. But human trafficking. This is where she has got a be treated ,treated worse than livestock she's gonna be hurt when I get her back. It's gonna be so hard to get her back to being normal. I don't know what's going to be going on and so I'm, I'm very, that's my worst nightmare is for this human trafficking now. OK that's how I gotta look at it. That's what I don't want to be going on and thats happening in American were all so blind to it. I didn't never know nothing about it. I didn't never even care and like I said, this is changed my life I will never be the same and I'm just, I'm gonna find out, I'm gonna find things to do to change, change some stuff here in America to make our children safer.

Host: You just went to a conference. What was the conference about?

Clint Dunn: You talking about Where I met Congresswoman Granger at the 911?

Host: Yes

Clint Dunn: Yeah yeah, it was about human trafficking. You know They they gave us a lot of stats of human trafficking in America and how much it is happening in America, that we're not just realizing it. People think it's only happening in Brazil and Mexico and Russia. No It's happening here in America too and just more things need to be done. Laws need to be changed.

Host: Is that what led you to believe that Hailey's been human trafficked ?

Clint Dunn: Well, look at her. She's beautiful. Blue, hazel eyes. Actually her eyes change colors. she's got blue eyes. Sometimes they're brown. Sometimes their green. Sometimes their hazel. They really change a lot and she's got blonde hair. She's just, she's beautiful. She would be a pick for, for them, for that trade.

Host: What did you learn at that conference?

Clint Dunn: Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal trade that's going on right now in the world. It's it's it's gonna they predict that it's gonna surpass the drug trade within the next 10 years, that it's gonna be a bigger trade than the drug trade. So, I mean it's really, it's it's growing really fast and we need to shut it down. You know I mean this basically what this was about. You know there's some big names there, some big football players. Leon Lent and, and Devon Wyman and there some great artists there like Kevin Thornton and I mean were all gonna I am working together going to other conventions with them, to bring this out into awareness in America.

Host: Great

Clint Dunn: I want everybody to, we need searchers at the at the Civic Center in Colorado city, you know bring your ID, be over 18 years old, you know, just keep praying for Hailey, keep putting flyers up and don't forget, don't forget about my daughter. And don't forget about other kids in America, this is happening to. And protect your kids.

Host: The military is out there looking?

Clint Dunn: yeah We have Fort Hood out here. Dyess Air Force Base is gonna be out here next weekend and we also have another base coming. Yes, were were were getting military involved in the searches over here, also. All the public and all these surrounding communities. We have had people coming from out of state. I mean it's really, it's what we need. We need a task force set up for this in each state. They can condition the case like this and set up a cabinet and search and be professionally trained to search and rescue, they can be called immediately.

Host: I totally agree.

[host reads off a list of donors to the search]
[host thanks Clint]

Clint Dunn: I love you all too, thank you. Bye



Wednesday, March 9, 2011











Billie Jean




Ugly altercation between coach, player leads to tense TV apology


Watch the video to see the altercation, then evaluate the coach's apology below.

Host: A player at Holy Family University says his coach shoved him during practice, but the coach says he was teaching his team to play tough. It was all caught on tape.  The player later filed a police report claiming the coach elbowed him and backhanded him giving him a bloody nose and scrapes to the head and lip.

Coach O'Conner, on tape: Got a little blood on you. Good!

Host. Coach O'Conner later apologized, but has been suspended pending a review.

CO: on tape: I can't believe this happened to me. <crying>

CO: on tape: Instinctively I grab it with both hands and, kind of, what they call basketball,  kind of cleared my space, ha ha, you know, normally when this stuff, when I've always been very hands-on with my players, maybe I helped you learn that, you know, take pride in what you do and if you're gonna do it, do it to your best ability.

Live Interview

Host. Let's try and go back to what happened. You said you call this a rough rebound?

CO: It's called a combat rebounding drill, and you know, the idea of the drill is just to compete against two guys, and while you're also teaching them how to rebound, get offensive rebounds.

Host: You did feel badly enough about what happened right there to apologize to Matt and the whole team?

CO: Ah, No question, no question.

Host: What happened?

CO: It was an accident. It was an accident and  umm.. It was unintentional and  umm.. ..

Host: That kick was unintentional?

CO: Yes,

Host: Looked pretty direct…

CO: The drill itself is, you're supposed to continue to try to keep the drill going, so, as he goes down I'm trying to get them to stay competitive and keep the drill going, so I just nudged him with my foot to try to keep him kind of moving in the drill.


Host: The athletic director did take some action, once you met with her?

CO: Yes. She brought me in and we reviewed the tape and she went through the tape with me, just mentioning, you know, as far as going through each part of it. And what I would you know need to improve and what she felt that umm..  was out of hand and what wasn't out of…

Host: So you know now that what you did was over the line right?

CO:  umm.. Not really. I, I just feel that, you know, I was a coach and I was trying to get my team more competitive and in doing so, umm..  I made a mistake.

Host: Do you feel what you did was justified or do you feel what you did was a mistake? You seem to be saying both things right now.

CO: Well, I mean the whole thing here is that, as it, as it went on, I just felt that it was an accident, and it was unintentional, and I was really sorry that it happened, and if that 30 seconds I could take back, I certainly would. But unfortunately in this world you can't do that. umm..  And for that I really apologize.


Host. You two are sitting right here right now. Coach, Matt is right there, tell them what you feel and what you're sorry for.

CO: The main thing is that this was an accident..

Host: Tell him, not me.

CO: Matt, Matt this was an accident, you know, I was just trying to make us a better team, make us more competitive and in doing so, an accident happened and it was unintentional by me and I'm really sorry that it happened. If I could take it back. I certainly would.  umm.. But again it was an accident and I'm really sorry that it happened.

Host: What's your response?

Matt: To be honest, it's kind of hard to accept your apology. Just because, you know, you claim it's justified, you claim you weren't crossing the line. And also I came here to play basketball and now I'm injured and I can't play. I can't play for you anymore. Just because, you know, as your player I'm supposed to be able to respect you and I don't feel I can do that anymore.

CO: One of the things I'd also like to say is, you know, me and Matt had really kind of bonded through the year. Because in beginning of the year he kind of struggled picking some things up, but I was really proud because every day when Matt would come in. He'd work extremely hard, and I think as he got along and start to pick up the things that I was doing. I was really proud that where he came as a player and I just feel it unfortunate if I never get a chance to coach him again.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Billie Jean Dunn speaks on Bring Them Home Now - BlogTalkRadio - March 2, 2011


Billie Jean Dunn speaks on Bring Them Home Now - BlogTalkRadio - March 2, 2011 - Transcript

Part 1

[Timestamp 7:40]

Host: Hi Billie, how are you

BJD: Hi, I'm all right

Host: please speak up a little bit.

BJD: okay

Host: We've been watching in the news. There's been some information about some things found on the computer and a thumb drive. Can you tell me what was found on that computer?

BJD: umm.. I did see some of the images because I asked to. umm.. The computer wasn't mine, wasn't in my house but I was still allowed to see some of it. There was pornography on there - adult, and there was sickening stuff on there. There was bestiality on there.  umm.. and again, that was not my computer. I don't have a computer. The thumb drive, when they took that out of the home, that was the first time I had seen that umm.. They told me it was found in Shawn's dresser, so I said okay it must be Shawn's, and then Friday umm.. when I asked them if I could see some stuff, I, I don't know everything that was on that. But I do know myself, and Shawn: and our private lives in the bedroom. We were on there. I do know that. Umm.. And like I said, I don't know of anything else.

Host: Okay And when you say out of the home which are you speaking?

BJD: I'm sorry?

Host: You said taken out of the home.

BJD: Yeah the thumb drive was.

Host: Who's home are you talking of?

BJD: Mine that was at my house. It was in Shawn's dresser.

Host: Did you see any child porn.

BJD: No, not on that one. Then, I didn't look at all the images either, but I did not.

Host: You didn't see any child porn on that. Did you see any child porn?

BJD: I saw an image from the computer. Yeah.

Host: On what computer?

BJD: The one that wasn't in my house. I've said it before, but I don't really want to point fingers at her. I don't believe she was looking at it either

Host: I'm confused. You say her, who is she?

BJD: The lady's computer.

Host: Okay, got it. What is a thumb drive?

BJD:  umm.. I'm not real sure myself umm.. So I don't mess around with computers. It's apparently like a memory stick. You can download images onto that and save pictures onto that. And I guess just plug it into any computer.

Host: In the news, they are saying that person may be Shawn's mother?

BJD: Yeah.

Host: Can you describe Shawn for us?

BJD: Shawn's always been really good to me. The Shawn that I know has treated me very well. He's treated the kids well. We've had arguments but he's never been physically abusive toward me. He's treated me better than anyone else had. He's done a lot for me.

Host: Can you describe Hailey for us?

BJD: Hailey is bubbly. She is loud. She's a blast to be around. She catches her attitude sometimes but for the most part she is a really good kid, very smart, just very fun, she likes to have fun, we like making each other and other people laugh. We like to laugh around here. We haven't been able to do much of that.

Host: Describe your home life for me?

BJD: Right now or before Hailey went missing?

Host: before

BJD:  umm.. I, I thought and I had even told some family, that my life was finally on track. It was finally perfect. umm..  I had a good relationship with Shawn, we had a good relationship with the kids, we were able to get em what they wanted for Christmas. We were able to go on trips umm.. Everybody had just been getting along well for the past six months before Hailey went and disappeared, before she disappeared. And I just really thought my life was finally good.

Host Was CPS involved with your family?

BJD: No, they weren't before.

Host: Are they now?

BJD: Well, I take that back. ehem. They were and then they were quickly dismissed everything. Clint was upset because David marked on himself with something I had brought home from the hospital in my pocket. And it's like, It looks like a match stick but it will stain your skin and Clint called for that reason. I called on him for other reasons. So, I'm sorry about that.

Host: Did they ever interview Hailey?

BJD: Yep they did. They interviewed both of the children and myself and Clint and people in his family at his house and they found that nothing was wrong in our home.

Host: How often did they interview Hailey?

BJD: They only interviewed her once I believe, once or maybe twice.

Host: Do you know where Hailey is?

BJD: No, I sure wish I did. She's my daughter. I just need my daughter home. I mean I get really tired of people running their mouths the way that they do. She's my daughter. She's not.. We all care about missing children and we all owe it to missing children to care about em to look for em. But she's my daughter. I want her home. I didn't get enough years with her. I want somebody to find my daughter. I can't do it by myself and I just want everybody to be looking for her. I want investigators to find her. I want her found.

Host: Do you think Shawn, might know where Hailey is?

BJD: um I don't. I never believed that but I don't really know, I don't know anything anymore. I hope not. I didn't see it in him but maybe there's a lot of things I didn't know about him.

Host: What makes you say that now?

BJD:  umm.. Because of the computer and I don't know who looked at that and who did not and until that's proved to me, I can't risk believing anything he says. I know they'll be able to find who looked at it whenever dates and times come back.

Host: Do you know any reason why Shawn would hurt Hailey?

BJD: Umm.. No, they'd been getting along, but I can't see why anybody would want to hurt her.

Host: Do you believe what the police are telling you about Shawn?

BJD: Uh, yeah, I do now.

Host: Can you tell us what the police are telling you about Shawn?

BJD: Oh, well, they just tell, giving me their theories why he was named a  suspect. Just, you know, he was the last person to see her, he had about an hour alone with her before my son and his friend got here, he quit his job Monday. So it's, it's things like that.

Host: Are you sure nothing happened in that house between Shawn and Hailey?

BJD:  umm.. I'm not 100% sure anymore. I know nothing was found here, but I'm still not 100% sure. A lot of my feelings have changed just since this weekend. I've really been standing behind him and believing that he's the person I always knew he was, but I just have a little bit of doubt now, you've gotta, I don't know if there's some doubt there how do you stand behind em.

Host: The Sunday before Hailey went missing. What happened in your house?

BJD:  umm.. We had, I cooked Christmas dinner for us four only, because Saturday we went to everybody's house. So Sunday Hailey came Saturday night she spent the night with Clint. So Sunday. She got to the house and we she I guess she came home around sometime around lunch and then we ate around two o'clock. I think. Pretty early in the afternoon, it was done. And then… nothin. We sat around and watched TV. We didn't go anywhere umm.. Just hung out with each other and watched movies. David had got a new connect, an Xbox connect, so he and Hailey played around with that for a little bit.

Host: Did something happen with Shawn in your house that Sunday?

BJ. No

Host: So everything was fine with Hailey and Shawn ?

BJD. Yes

Host: Did Hailey have a hard time breathing?


Host: We have some information that Shawn has had an affair…

BJD. Yeah, umm..  I heard that too…

Host: Tell us about that.

BJD. Some of the pictures were of other women. So he finally admitted to that. He can't really admit why he did it, other than he had trust issues with me. He said he didn't completely trust me either.  umm.. And I don't know. He's just hoping that I will forgive him for it, but there's much more going on.

Host: Do you know how many other women there are?

BJD. No, that's, I don't.

Host: There are also rumors out there that Shawn is sending naked pictures of himself to other women?

BJD. I don't know. And again, I had heard. I don't know.

[Timestamp 23:16]

Host: Billie there a lot of women out there who have chosen bad men. This is not your fault.

BJ. I know

Host: Billie, have you spoken to Shawn today?

BJD.  umm.. No. He texted me this morning.

Host: I'm really confused with your relationship with Shawn, right now.

BJD. Were not together anymore

Host when was the last time you saw Shawn?

BJD. Physically saw him was Friday. Last Friday.

Host: Last time we had you on the show you seemed very unemotional and you've really broken down a lot since then. This is starting to weigh very heavily on you.

BJD. It just seems to get tougher sometimes. I mean it's always been very bad and very hard but it definitely doesn't get any easier.

Host: What did you say was on the thumb drive and the computer?

BJD. The computer had some bestiality on it. It did have a child porn picture. umm..  It did have other adult porn on it and I told em I didn't want to see anymore. It's disgusting. It hurts my feelings for the little kids. It pisses me off that people would do that to children and on the thumb drive were Shawn and I and there were also other women on there.

Host: These other women were they with him?

BJD. They were just pictures of them, of the women, only.

Host: Does Shawn like to videotape a lot of things?

BJD.  umm.. I guess so.

<Host asks listeners to remove children from the room and reads a description of bestiality.>

Host so bestiality, that is the pictures you saw on either the computer or the thumb drive?

BJD. Yeah, on the computer.

Host: Can you explain what you saw?

BJD.  umm.. No, it was very disgusting and I glanced. I did not want to look. I wanted to know what was on their but it was hard to look at.

Host: Did you see the computer or the thumb drive

BJD. I saw images from both

Host: And how were those obtained?

BJD.  umm.. They were obtained from a computer and a thumb drive that was in my house law enforcement were able to show me what they found on there.

Host: Were the obtained through a search warrant?

BJD. Oh, umm..  yes.

Host: Why did they obtain a search warrant?

BJD. Because Hailey was missing. They needed to come search the house, take anything that they needed or wanted for any kind of evidence. So they took that thumb drive, they took Hailey's school flash drive also. They took her bed sheets. They took Shawn's mask he had been collecting. They took a poster from my bedroom. They took the true crime stories.

[Timestamp 30:15]

Host: Please talk about your love of horror movies and true crime?

BJD. Okay, I don't think I know one person who hasn't watched a horror film. Um yeah. I enjoyed them. I watch horror films and I watch comedies and that is about it. I have a large collection of both, mostly comedies but I watch horror films also. I read the true crime stories. They, they're just interesting to me. I can't understand a serial killer's mind. I can't understand it. It intrigues me. I just don't know what's going on in their brain. I don't feel it's strange.

Host: Millions of people watch these movies, correct?

BJD. Yes

Host: There is another woman Shawn has been having an affair with and she's been bragging about it all over the Internet, what do you want to say to her?

BJD.  umm.. I knew about her  umm.. No I don't think it's been going on anymore. It was a sexual thing. When we were split up last year, or during the summer umm.. Err I know he's asked her to leave him alone and I don't really have anything to say to the girl. Umm.. I wouldn't be proud of myself if I were her.

Host: Why did it take you two hours to call Shawn to verify she was at Mary Beth's?

BJD. I don't understand the question. It took me two hours to call Shawn to verify she was at Mary Beth's?

Host: You find out Hailey's missing - Take me through the timeline.

BJD.  umm.. When I found out she was missing, I called my brother, who then got my sister-in-law to give me a ride home from work. Umm.. This is after I had already had David call Mary Beth and Clint to know that she had not been there, to know that she was missing, so when I left work I came straight to the house, seen that Hailey still wasn't here, got my cell phone, started texting her couple of friends that are in there, and then we stopped by one of the friends house and her Granny's house. Then I went to the police station. Umm.. There wasn't any time wasted. It's. Wouldn't be like her not to be at the friends house that she said she was going to be at.

Host: You called David and asked him to call her to come home?

BJD. Yeah, umm..  I called David. I said "Text that little girl and tell Hailey to go ahead and come home now."

[Timestamp 36:00]

Host: Lead us from there.

BJD. Within 5 minutes David called me back and said "Mom, she said Hailey wasn't there and Hailey didn't spend the night there." I said "Call your dad see if Hailey's there."  umm.. He let me know that Clint's phone was broken. I told him to walk over there. Clint didn't live very far away. Back then,  umm.. So David walked over there, called me back and said no, Hailey wasn't there, either, and she didn't spend the night there either. I told him turn around go back to your dad's and let me talk to him.

I got on the phone with Clint, who told me "No, Hailey's not there." I said "all right, I'm coming home. I'm going to go to the police station and report her missing you call the police station and give them a heads-up. But I will go file the report and everything.

 umm.. then that's when I called my brother tell them I needed a ride home and he got my sister-in-law to come and get me and bring me to the house and I got the cell phone, text a couple of her friends, stopped by their house, went to the police station, reported her missing, umm.. I got back home…One of the officers came over was still talking to me at my house. David came in and said "Mom, Shawn called the phone." I told him what was going on. He said he's on way home. So Shawn got there and, I mean, the rest of the day that's where my nightmare begins. I just sat on the couch dumbfounded not really knowing what to think.

Host: Why didn't you check with Shawn to see if she was going to Mary Beth's?

BJD. I already did Shawn told me the day before on Monday when I said "What are the kids doing?" and he said, "Hailey went to spend the night with Mary Beth."

Host: How did you know to tell the police what she was wearing the day she disappeared?

BJD. Cuz Shawn saw her. Shawn saw her before she left the house

Host: But couldn't she have been wearing some of Mary Beth clothes?

BJD. Not when he saw her.

Host: How long after you found out Hailey was missing, did you speak to Shawn?

BJD. It was a while. It was probably three or four hours umm.. It was because Shawn. I know I needed to let them know. But he wasn't my priority I had to look for my daughter. So I was looking for her and talking with police when he called my cell phone. And David let him know what was going on. Then he came home.

Host: Billie, why you think you failed the polygraph?

[Timestamp 40:40]

BJD  umm..  I think it was because of anti-anxiety medication,  umm.. Also, I know that your now that you're now, that you should not be interrogated right before, right before a polygraph you should not be told horrible was stressful news right before a polygraph either.

Host: Were you told this after you failed the polygraph that this might have… Hampered?

BJD. Yes

Host: Are you willing to take another polygraph?

BJD. I am. At first I was dead set against it because, you know , I failed, I failed one when I had no reason to, when I was absolutely, positively I would pass it. But I will take another one.  umm.. By, of course, by somebody completely different somebody who knows the procedure, knows how to, you know, perform it, and and make me feel comfortable. Yeah.

Host: What would make you feel comfortable with that?

BJD.  umm.. Just To go over the questions which they were gone over before, I would like to do it now when I'm not as stressed as I was that day, that moment.  umm.. But I would like to take another polygraph umm.. So that I know none of Hailey's precious time is being wasted on me. I would feel comfortable just to get to know the polygrapher a little bit, not not even well, but, just for him to help me feel relaxed or she help me to feel relaxed and comfortable and confident.

Host: Do you love Shawn?

BJD. Ya, of course.

Host: Now that's gonna really upset a lot of people that you said that.

BJD. umm.. I just can't help it that I still love him right now. I can't turn off my feelings easily umm.. We've been together nearly 3 years. So he was a big part of my life.

Host: How can you let Shawn around yourself or David when he's the only suspect in the disappearance of Hailey?

BJD.  umm.. Because I very much trusted him. Very. Much. He's not around anymore just because of other reasons. And like I said, I do have a little bit of doubt now, so I can't let him be around. I can't stand behind him if I'm not 100% sure that he's innocent.

Host: Is the only other reason the women that you see or the child pornography or the bestiality?

BJD. Yeah, and just talking with investigators more that believe he might've had something to do with it

Host: Now Billie, what did you say to Shawn today?

BJD.  umm.. I'd just let him know that I need to be alone with family. I'd need time to myself so can't work things out if I don't, if I don't have answers and we can't work things out at all. It's not even a question. He knows that.

[Timestamp 46:40]

Host: What do you intend to do with Shawn from this day forward?

BJD.  umm.. I just really don't have any plans,  umm.. I need answers. If I don't have answers, I can't continue, I can't continue to be with him like he wants. He can tell me all he wants that, you know, I'm not like that, you know, it wasn't me, but until I'm 100% sure on some things, I don't have any plans with him.

Host: Are you going to say you're not going to be with him until Hailey is found?

BJD. I'm not going to be with him.

Host: I want you to be clear that from this day until Hailey is found -tell me in your own words?

BJD. Until Hailey is found, until it's proven to me that he had nothing to do with her disappearance, it's proven to me that he did not look at the child pornography and it's proven to me that he is not gonna cheat on me, then I will not be with him. There are several reasons, and the girl who's bragging -have at it.

Host: If I got information that he was still having an affair with somebody right now. If he was chatting with somebody on myspace within the last 24 hours. What would you say to that?

BJD. I don't have anything to say to it.

Host: People say that you have put your children in danger by bringing a killer, a monster into your home. Tell me what you feel about it?

BJD. Okay  umm.. , No He's not around right now. But no I did not bring a killer around my children or put my children in danger. Why would I?. Why would any sane person do that? And again I have doubts about him and he's not here. He's not around me. He's not around my children.