Thursday, March 10, 2011

Billie Jean Dunn speaks to Peter Hyatt on Bring Them Home Now -March 10 2011

Host:  Hello Billy.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Hi

Host: Billy are you on the air with us?

Billie Jean Dunn:  yeah

Host:  Hello and We are here with Peter Hyatt tonight, and it sounds like you have some background feed can you turn down your computer, Please.

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't have a computer.

Host:  Okay. Are you next to someone with a phone that's listening into the show?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No <audible sigh>

Host:  Well we have a lot of new things that are going on, what's going on Billie?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know.

Host:  We have Peter here tonight and I would like for Peter to ask you a couple of question?

Billie Jean Dunn:  okay

Host: Are you okay with that?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Not really

Peter Hyatt:  Would you be okay if I asked you some questions, Billie?  The first question I have for you is what would bring you onto the show tonight?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Because Bea asked me to be here.

Peter Hyatt:  To what purpose?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. I think just because she needed to fill the slot and I was told we were gonna talk about Hailey and we were gonna talk about the search.

Peter Hyatt:  And do you feel like this is off-topic?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt:  Why do you think folks want to talk about you or about Shawn?

Billie Jean Dunn:  What was that?

Peter Why do you think that people want to talk about you and Shawn?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Because, I guess 'cause Shawn was the last one to see her. Shawn didn't go to work that day. and I stood behind Shawn for a little bit.

Peter Hyatt:  Are you still standing behind him now?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No!

Peter Hyatt:  Why not?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Just because I've talked to law enforcement a little bit more.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay. Has that been recently?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Probably about two weeks.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, Billie do you know that I believe that you weren't truthful when you were on the Nancy Grace show? Do you know where I stand with those things?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah, I've heard you said a lot of things that weren't true, that you misread me a lot.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay. Would you tell me what things are or not true?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. Probably nothing you said was true. I don't really listen to you though. I've never listened to one of your shows.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, I have a couple questions for you that if you're comfortable answering, I would appreciate an answer for. Shawn expressed some concerns in his appearance that you would seek a plea deal. Why would Shawn be concerned about that?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know. umm..

Peter Hyatt:  He said that it would destroy his life

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't believe he did. I have no reason to.

Peter Hyatt:  You have no reason to what?

Billie Jean Dunn:  To accept a plea deal.

Peter Hyatt:  No, what I'm saying is Shawn, Shawn said that if you were to accept a plea deal. He used the word destroy I think it was, that it would destroy him, destroy his life. Why do you think it would destroy his life?

Billie Jean Dunn:   umm.. I don't know. I haven't thought about it because, like I said, I have no reason to.

Peter Hyatt:  No reason to think of it?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Right.

Peter Hyatt:  You think that Shawn has anything to do with Hailey's disappearance?

Billie Jean Dunn:  <long pause> umm.. <Long pause> I don't know.

Peter Hyatt:  Would you be willing to go to prison for him or with him if he did?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, that's ridiculous. You know what, If you thought somebody hurt your daughter would you be willing to go to prison for them or stick up for them?

Peter Hyatt:  I wouldn't.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Exactly.

Peter Hyatt:  What did you think about Shawn's involvement with the child pornography?

Billie Jean Dunn:  umm.. Well, I don't know what to think about that either, so, I mean, I know that it was there, I know that somebody looked at it.

Peter Hyatt:  Do you know the number of images that were found?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, I know there were a lot of all together pornography, a lot.

Peter Hyatt:  Do you know that was 109,000 images what they called deviant images?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah


Peter Hyatt:  Okay, that what that tells you and I think you should know that really well. That tells law enforcement that type of downloading isn't done easily. It isn't done quickly. It takes a long time to accumulate that, that is a massive amount. I haven't heard of that amount, anywhere, and I think that as long as you're willing to protect him that perhaps you're going to end up arrested with him. Where is you have a chance at this point to do that which is right and go to law enforcement and tell them what you know. Billie, there was a reason why you failed the polygraph, and they understand that, and people…

Billie Jean Dunn:  Right! I was just told that Shawn probably had something to do with my daughter's disappearance. I was just basically told that my daughter was probably murdered! And when I failed it, My brother failed it, Shawn failed it. No I didn't believe it!

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, when you take a polygraph, It measures your emotional response and then let's say you're really emotional about something like that…

Billie Jean Dunn:  … And I've talked to many, many professional polygraphers. Many. I've had many call me.

Peter Hyatt:  And what do they tell you?

Billie Jean Dunn:  They've told me all the same things. I shouldn't of been told that and then asked to take a polygraph. That's number one that came out of everybody's mouth. There's no way I should have been told that and then asked to go back and take a polygraph.

Peter Hyatt:  Have you taken another polygraph?

Billie Jean Dunn:  And another thing is anti-anxiety medicine will cause you, it can cause you to have a false test, show deception, not help you to pass it, make you fail it!

Host:  Billie,

Billie Jean Dunn:  What? What?

Host:  Billie, where's Shawn tonight?

Billie Jean Dunn:    umm.. I don't know.

Host:  Why is he not on the show?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I don't know! I mean, I guess you'd have to ask him.

Peter Hyatt:  Had you seen him in the last two weeks?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah, he's come by to get his things too.. <unintelligible>

Peter Hyatt:  Had you seen them in the last 48 hours?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No

Peter Hyatt:  You've not seen them in the last 48 hours?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No

Peter Hyatt:  If someone said that they saw you in the last 48 hours with them. They would be lying?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I guess

Peter Hyatt:  I want to ask you about the polygraph again if I could. What questions did you fail?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I believe all of them.

Peter Hyatt:  What questions did they ask you?

Billie Jean Dunn: umm.. They asked if I caused Hailey's disappearance. umm.. There were two others pertaining to Hailey.

Peter Hyatt:  Was one of the questions if you knew where Hailey was currently?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I think so,

Peter Hyatt:  And you failed that one?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I think so.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, And did you know that when you take anti-anxiety medication that's going to lower your baseline for answering questions whether they ask you questions about your address or they ask you questions about your daughter. It's going to impact all those questions. How many times were you given the polygraph?

Billie Jean Dunn: Once.

Peter Hyatt:  And have you offered to take another one?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt: And what did they say?

Billie Jean Dunn: umm..  They were talking about it because I was offered one from the FBI and I told them there's no way I'd take another one. And now I've told, now that I've told them I have, I don't know where I stand, but I would definitely take another one through, not from the same man.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, would you take one through the Texas Rangers

Billie Jean Dunn:  As long, yeah.

Peter Hyatt: As long as what?

Billie Jean Dunn:  As long as it wasn't the same man.

Peter Hyatt:  Would you take one through the FBI?


Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah

Rachel:  What is it gonna take for you to help law enforcement find Hailey and be truthful?

Billie Jean Dunn:  It's not gonna take anything.

Peter Hyatt:  You're not gonna assist in the recovery of your daughter?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Of course if I can I will.

Peter Hyatt:  And you spoke to law enforcement, you said, about two weeks ago?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Yeah.

Peter Hyatt: Why haven't you spoken with them within the last two weeks?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I have.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, when did you speak to them last then.

Billie Jean Dunn:  Today.

Peter Hyatt:  And what did they reveal to you today?

Billie Jean Dunn:  They didn't reveal anything to me.

Peter Hyatt:  Did you reveal anything to them?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No.

Peter Hyatt:  In all that you've gone through, and it's obviously been traumatic, what do you think was the worst thing that has happened?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Well, obviously my daughter is missing.

Peter Hyatt:  And since that time?

Billie Jean Dunn:  I really can't think about anything else but that.

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, because I heard you talking on a lot of those subjects on radio and I heard some real passion in your voice. Were there other things that have been bothering you lately?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Umm.. Idiot people's opinions bother me. I mean it just pisses me off that people think my life isn't horrible enough, lots of things bother me. That somebody I know could've hurt my daughter, lots of things.

Peter Hyatt:  You entertain that…

Billie Jean Dunn:  <Crosstalk> daughter being missing

Peter Hyatt:  Okay, Are you concerned about Shawn accepting a plea?

Billie Jean Dunn:  No, I'm not!

Peter Hyatt:  Why not?

Billie Jean Dunn:  Why would I be?

Peter Hyatt:  Because I think that he'll end up revealing information about the deceptive answers that you gave on Nancy Grace, for instance. The deceptive answers that you have given on this program…

Billie Jean Dunn:  <unintelligible word "Every" ?> Stupid ass..

<no sound of a hang up, but perhaps the click of a mute button>


Bea: Peter, Peter, this is Bea, this is Bea. Billie, first of all, I learned some things today. I know that you've lied to me and I'm very upset. I'm just begging you to do the right thing. You don't have to.. Just do the right thing. Can you hear me Billie, please?

Rachel: Billie are you still there? Billie are you still on the line?

Peter Hyatt:  I think she's going to hang onto the sinking ship until it finally goes under and I think were going to see some movement in this case within the next few weeks, perhaps even before the grand jury convenes. And there going to be people and Billie if you're still listening. There going to be people on that grand jury who will see the same deception that everyone else has seen and they are people just like you and me that are listening to these things and it doesn't add up and there going to see the drug use, and they're going to see the child pornography. They're going to see the abusive environment that was Hailey's life and they're not going to be happy, and I think you have a chance to redeem just a part of your life even if it's just for David, at this point. Where you must be honest about Shawn and what happened and more than anything else, iIf you expect to gain anyone's sympathy anywhere you must let everyone know where Hailey can be found.

They know about the the New Year's Eve time, they know about the lack of searching, they know about the lies that were told, they know about the drug use. They know about the lies about meeting with Shawn this week. They know that you are a suspect and yet you tell people you are not a suspect. It's time to come clean. It's time to redeem whatever's left inside of you that still has any maternal instinct left. You owe that much to Hailey. This wasn't fair to her. She had her whole life ahead of her. I know that you've had a very difficult life. I know that you had a tragic life. I know that things happen to you as a child shouldn't happen to any child, but you must stand up and do the right thing at this point. You can't continue to hurt people and deceive. It's time for Hailey's sake. If you have any modicum of love for her, it's time.


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