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Clint Dunn on Bring Them Home Now- March 9, 2011 -Transcript


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Host: Hello Clint how are you feeling these days?

Clint Dunn: Well I'm, I'm full of energy right now, you know. I'm still spinning my wheels. And just, I feel like I'm not moving nowhere, but I sure got my engine reared up and trying to do everything I can, trying to set up events. I'm also trying to get the word out to America about our children becoming missing. And that we need to do something about this. We need to change laws and we need to set stuff up. You know politically. I wish I was more political but I'm not. But you know I'm hoping to reach people that are, that can change some laws and revise some paperwork that's done on this.

Host: Clint can you tell me what happened in Dallas and what you learned?

Clint Dunn: well It really touched me down there because I mean, you realize how many people does this happening to?

Host: What was the focus of the conference?

Clint Dunn: this  umm.. Trafficking kids in America you know there's 100,000- 300,000 kids in America being trafficked every year. And you know this is a question that I had asked, and I've asked a lot of people and I haven't got the answers yet. I want to know how many kids are being recovered out of that hundred to 300,000 kids a year, how many are being recovered, you know, do you all know the answer to that?

Host: If you do not recover someone within 72 hours, it becomes very difficult to recover them.

Clint Dunn: That's some of the stuff that I looked up on it too, and that's why some of the laws they need to be revised because Hailey was pronounced a runaway for the first almost a week so they didn't even look for her. They, they was, they thought she'd run away. They didn't even care. So there's some laws that need to be changed, you know, during all this also. And you know, what do I know about Hailey right now? I don't know because the police doesn't tell me crap, so I have no idea. I mean, I have to, I have to go to the news and through the media to find out information about my daughter.

<Host talks about statistics of missing children>


Host: I have had parents who have lost loved ones who can't hold onto a job and end up on disability. It devastates their life for the rest of their life. They cannot function at all.

Clint Dunn: Not only them but their families and their friends also. I haven't got a friend or a family member that's ever gonna be the same.

Host: It affects you for life. Clint you have a valid complaint. And you have a valid reason we need to help find Hailey.

Clint Dunn: I'm so worried that she's been trafficked out of the United States, like you said, what's my odds in getting her back and you know what I feel is that I just have to let this nation know that we have to do something. We cannot ignore this. It's not population control. If that's what the government, government looking at it, probably, I don't know what's going on, why isn't the nation doing anything about this. It should be very important. I mean people can't wait for it to happen to them or to happen to their best friend, or to their little brother or something.

Host: There's been some things that come out since we last talked, the memory stick the pornography, the bestiality, how are you feeling now?

Clint Dunn: Well, somebody's gotta rot in hell, you know, and you ain't gotta beat around the bush with the questioning, you can ask me whatever you want. I know what's gonna be asked and that's what I feel somebody's has got to pay the price. Okay for that and umm.. The,, I mean I really  I'm so baffled about this. I mean, how has it been two months that they've know about this information and and still nobody's in jail. There's  a serious crime and they're letting people just just  live their lives and possibly do this even more. There's things about this case that baffle me so much. Why have they not done something about this and then plus specially if they think Shawn's the person that did it, They.. Put him in jail. That's, that's where they gonna break him at. I mean if somebody has got child porn downloaded on their computer. They're gonna rot in hell. And, But right now they need to be put in prison for a very long time.

Host: Who would that person be in your eyes?

Clint Dunn: See, I don't know, I mean, you know what I guess it's gotta be Shawn.

Host: Has your opinion changed about Shawn, since this is new stuff has come out?


Clint Dunn: Well When my daughter comes home. She's not going back to that house , I mean,  I got to say it like that, you know, but I, I got it. I pray to God that Shawn didn't do nothing. And I, I don't look at it a lot because when, when I, I think about Shawn wrapping his arms around my daughter's neck and, and doing some to her, you know that, that would destroy my life. I can't focus on that crap right now and and I got, I got to keep hope alive that Hailey's out there somewhere alive that, that, that something else has happened here. And so everybody's "what d'ya think about Shawn?" "What d'ya think about Billie?" you know. Me and Billie, We haven't been on the same page since this has started you know that's why were going through a divorce. You know ,we kept it together for a lot of years just for the kids, but you know, were not on the same page from the beginning, anyways. So I'm, I'm out here all by myself doing this. You know I don't have. I don't have I'm not with nobody. I'm not affiliated. I'm solo, is how I feel you know, I feel like I'm the strongest voice that Hailey's got and I'm just out there doing my thing.

Host: Why would you say wrapping his arms around Hailey's neck?

Clint Dunn: He, I was just trying to give you an example about some of the thoughts that go through my mind every day. Every day I , I think of the, the the black van the pulls over and grabs my daughter or, or, or this nasty guy that just jumps out and gets her. I mean I have so many things going through my mind every single day all day. It just consumes me and I can't let one, one in particular thing, what everybody else is thinking. What 90% of the public is thinking. I can't let that consume me, do you know what I mean if I did, if I let that consume me, then I would have gave up two months ago, I would not have looked for my daughter nowhere else in these fields in between Snyder and Ccity.

Host: I respect that. I know that no one can be in your shoes right now. You are the father and no one can feel what you're feeling but know that you have support.

Clint Dunn: I know I do gotta lot of love out there and I just I wish that I could show my appreciation to, to all the prayers and the support and just people that just walked up to me and touches me and that is you know God bless you . You know that are praying for me. I just want to thank all y'all. And, just and I'm on my knees right now, just given my appreciation to y'all.

Host: Did you take a polygraph?

Clint Dunn: No. No, I haven't taken a polygraph. They've told me from the very beginning that I'm not a suspect and they have no reason to look at me and I told them very beginning. Hey you need to do what you need to do, put me in the polygraph or do whatever but clear me that way. We can find out what's going on . But they've known from the beginning that that I'm not nobody to look at, so I haven't done a polygraph or anything.

Host: And where were you the day that she went missing ?

Clint Dunn: I was at home. I was in my apartment, and I didn't leave all day long. My back was, I had , had back spasms that day, my back was tore up. But I didn't leave the apartment all day long. I was there all day.

Host: Clint what is going on between you and Billie now?

Clint Dunn: Well, a week before the affidavits, these last affidavits came out, we got together we decided that we was gonna be, you know, real tight in the public's eye because were working on this together to get our daughter back and, you know, it just, it seems like, like she's standoffish a little bit and so, and then affidavits come out and we just haven't talked since. I mean It's, it's been like this the very first time. Also, when The first affidavits come out, we was starting to work together on this and the affidavits come out, scares me to death, so I don't wanna go nowhere. You know, what am I to do? I mean It just scares me to death, and there's some, some stuff going on that was wrong. And so,  I, I can't. I can't, really back her play up a whole bunch right there. I can't have her back a whole bunch right there, when she's got all this stuff going on and, and so I just separate myself from that situation and then and try not to focus on, on that having anything to do with Hailey too much, I mean there's no need for me to focus real hard right there. It's Obviously, the police are focused right there. Okay, so I'm trying to focus everywhere else.

Host: You believe that the police are doing everything they can to help in this situation at this time.

Clint Dunn: Man there, Like I said, from the first as a father I feel like nobody's doing enough. That you know I feel like I'm not doing enough that you're not doing enough. Of course I feel like the police are not doing enough. I really do. I mean, I can't lie. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. That's how I feel. So that the police are not doing enough I feel like they're mostly focusing on Shawn and they're not looking nowhere else, and you know, the first 72 hours, yeah. Your chances are bad. But everyday that passes after that it just keeps getting worse and worse. 'Cause after a few years, your kids not gonna remember you.

Host: What is your interest in the human trafficking?

Clint Dunn: That's, that's what I fear the most right now. Okay, that's I mean, if, if Shawn did something well then that's done with. Or if somebody done something then that done with if. If Hailey's runaway and she's in a hotel room, well that would be great, to tell you the truth I would love that, that to be the case. But human trafficking. This is where she has got a be treated ,treated worse than livestock she's gonna be hurt when I get her back. It's gonna be so hard to get her back to being normal. I don't know what's going to be going on and so I'm, I'm very, that's my worst nightmare is for this human trafficking now. OK that's how I gotta look at it. That's what I don't want to be going on and thats happening in American were all so blind to it. I didn't never know nothing about it. I didn't never even care and like I said, this is changed my life I will never be the same and I'm just, I'm gonna find out, I'm gonna find things to do to change, change some stuff here in America to make our children safer.

Host: You just went to a conference. What was the conference about?

Clint Dunn: You talking about Where I met Congresswoman Granger at the 911?

Host: Yes

Clint Dunn: Yeah yeah, it was about human trafficking. You know They they gave us a lot of stats of human trafficking in America and how much it is happening in America, that we're not just realizing it. People think it's only happening in Brazil and Mexico and Russia. No It's happening here in America too and just more things need to be done. Laws need to be changed.

Host: Is that what led you to believe that Hailey's been human trafficked ?

Clint Dunn: Well, look at her. She's beautiful. Blue, hazel eyes. Actually her eyes change colors. she's got blue eyes. Sometimes they're brown. Sometimes their green. Sometimes their hazel. They really change a lot and she's got blonde hair. She's just, she's beautiful. She would be a pick for, for them, for that trade.

Host: What did you learn at that conference?

Clint Dunn: Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal trade that's going on right now in the world. It's it's it's gonna they predict that it's gonna surpass the drug trade within the next 10 years, that it's gonna be a bigger trade than the drug trade. So, I mean it's really, it's it's growing really fast and we need to shut it down. You know I mean this basically what this was about. You know there's some big names there, some big football players. Leon Lent and, and Devon Wyman and there some great artists there like Kevin Thornton and I mean were all gonna I am working together going to other conventions with them, to bring this out into awareness in America.

Host: Great

Clint Dunn: I want everybody to, we need searchers at the at the Civic Center in Colorado city, you know bring your ID, be over 18 years old, you know, just keep praying for Hailey, keep putting flyers up and don't forget, don't forget about my daughter. And don't forget about other kids in America, this is happening to. And protect your kids.

Host: The military is out there looking?

Clint Dunn: yeah We have Fort Hood out here. Dyess Air Force Base is gonna be out here next weekend and we also have another base coming. Yes, were were were getting military involved in the searches over here, also. All the public and all these surrounding communities. We have had people coming from out of state. I mean it's really, it's what we need. We need a task force set up for this in each state. They can condition the case like this and set up a cabinet and search and be professionally trained to search and rescue, they can be called immediately.

Host: I totally agree.

[host reads off a list of donors to the search]
[host thanks Clint]

Clint Dunn: I love you all too, thank you. Bye

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