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Billie Jean Dunn Responds to Affidavits - Jan 12, 2011- Transcript


Original Video: Billie Jean Dunn responds to affidavits

BJD: First of all in there they pointed out about the horror movies we watch (making slashing motion with her hand) and crime stories we read. We just, we do. They did make me feel like.. That's strange. That's not .. original. Which I think it is. I think a lot of people watch horror films.  We have a whole lot of comedies. We watch mostly comedies. But they pointed that out, so just to get that clarified a little bit. umm

They also said I walked out after my polygraph, which is not true. I walked out about eight hours after the polygraph. After intense questioning, and thank God they've only done that questioning one time, but that lasted about 12 hours altogether that day, but about eight hours after that polygraph is when I finally got up and said, you know, you must not be any closer to findin my daughter when you are sittin here asking me where she is. and I think it was about midnight. I finally got up and I left.

Interviewer: so you didn't walk out in the middle of the polygraph?


Interviewer: okay, it also says that Shawn failed it and it alludes to the fact that you did too. What do you say to that?

BJD: yes. umm, I don't really know how to say anything to that. I don't know how to give those tests. I don't know anything about em. I know it made me lose a lot of faith in that test because they'd got me to put a lot of faith into that test. And I thought that was gonna hopefully get some focus somewhere which it didn't. <someone spits loudly>

Interviewer: (unintelligible, editor's best guess, probably not the interviewer talking). For so long, after much debate. In fact I thought I would talk to you.

BJD: and umm. Reading through all that it still gets them nowhere. We still have no answers. Umm

Interviewer: there's some other things in there I just wanted to address.  I want you to be able to address them. And one is that you purchased drugs in Snyder, or something like that.

BJD: No. I was just very upfront and open about the fact that umm was on pain medication and antibotics for a tooth, and I put that out there. (BJD begins counting drugs on her fingers.) And.. I don't know if we got them that night or we already had em, umm they gave me anti-anxiety medication a couple days after Hailey's disappearance and I had been taking that as well.

Interviewer: OK

BJD: So, no, like, street, drug, use.. 
(At exactly the moment BJD said "No" BJD slips her ring off her right ring finger and then back on.)

Interviewer: ..ever..

(BJD takes a distinctly long pause, shifts position, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and responds)
BJD: No.. Never do that.

BJD: Umm, I think they said something about a New Year's Eve party, which is the furthest thing from the truth as well. I had.. I didn't even realize it was New Year's Eve, because that's not my concern. Umm An aunt and uncle and their grand-baby came down. We had them over and my two brothers from Snyder came over umm pretty much all day Friday. (BJD grooms her hair and strokes the side of her nose) They spent the night in Snyder at my brothers house and then they were here pretty much all day Saturday also, before they went back home. umm I've had a lot of family come in and stayin with me. They have just been really supportive,

Interviewer: so it was family that was over here on New Year's Eve. Simply supporting you. Okay

BJD: yeah, yup. (self-grooming)

Interviewer: Now, something else I wanted to ask you about. Yesterday on the KXS? newscast you alluded to the fact that you and Shawn had parted ways. Can you explain that to me

BJD: Yeah, Like I said, they'd put, had me put so much stress into that test and when he failed it.. I was fearin the worst, that he had hurt my daughter and umm I told police that were around that I didn't want him back at the house umm but after I failed it too, I just. (Hand rubbing back of neck) I don't know how to feel or what to think, but he's gonna stay at his grandma's house until this is cleared up because we dunno where she is or what happened and I'm not gonna rule out anything. The investigators can't rule out anything.

Interviewer: That's right. And it also says in there that they confiscated your car. Is that correct and I guess for forensic evidence and that sort of thing.

BJD: uh-hum, yeah, which I don't really understand because all our DNA is gonna be in there. (Self-grooming) But, Yeah.. I let em.. go ahead and take it, do what ever they need to do. Yameen, can't continue to be as cooperative as I can be.

("Yameen" - This slurred short phrase I listened to dozens of times, its not "I mean", "You mean", or "You know" and its definitely not just the word "I" The word "can't" is quite clear though.)

Interviewer: They took your Xbox? Is that right?

BJD: Yeah, they took my son's Xbox because umm Hailey was playin on it the night before she disappeared.

Interviewer: What about computers and that sort of thing

BJD: We don't have any computers.

Interviewer: Can you talk to me about, you know, they allude to the fact that there was a lot of cell phone use, they confiscated cell phones, obviously they pinged on the towers that were..

BJD: Yeah, (eye rubbing) Yeah they took.. which I'm not real sure about umm Monday morning on the 27th before I left to work I used the phone here in the house but I left the cell phone here. Shawn had his cell phone with him,  So that's all I know is that my cell phone should've been here all day long.

Interviewer: okay. Was Hailey using your cell..

BJD: yeah (nodding, gesturing)

Interviewer: phone perhaps?

BJD: Well, um yeah, that's why I left it here for the kids use it. A neighbor, who's not there now, but he did tell investigators he saw Hailey walkin around in my backyard on the phone at around lunchtime. (self-grooming, then eyebrow, then holds ear lobe)

Interviewer: okay, some of the things that are in here that Shawn told investigators. There's a statement about killing a deer  that he made to Mr Ostender.

BJD: One of my brothers (rubbing chin) it would've been

Interviewer: Ok, (BJD begins rubbing the back of her neck) and then he also told them he thought she was sexually active and drugs. And how does that make you feel?

BJD: ..and I don't know why.. I don't believe..  That upsets me a lot. I mean.. I don't.. I never.. had suspicions of that. (Neck rubbbing stops) I don't know why that was said. He never said that to me. That. I really can't speak for him, I haven't really talked to him,

Interviewer: You haven't? When was the last time you talked to him.

BJD: Probably two days ago . He'll just send a text message now and then. "I love y'all and I miss y'all." but we really don't talk.

Interviewer: Ok. And out of all of this what do you want people to know. That, you know where you are today, what do you want people to know after all this.

BJD: umm. Mainly I want people to know the fact is my 13-year-old daughter still missing, and that's what's most important. That's what people need to continue to focus on. That's what  we want them to continue to focus on. umm I hope people don't judge me by what was in there. I hope they hear my side of it because I don't want people thinking I'm a horrible person.

BJD: Umm..Because.. I've been open and honest about everything and I'm glad to get a chance to defend myself but the main thing is that Hailey's still not at home.

Interviewer: And if she were watching or reading this tonight What would you say to her?

BJD: Tell her how much I love her. Beg her to come back home. (licks lips) If you're out there, because you want to be out there. I need you home. I need to hear from you. I've got to know that you're safe. (only voice quaver in this interview occurs during word "safe") We can fix any problem that you have or that we have, that .. for whatever reason you would have left, we can fix it. I just miss her so much.

Interviewer: Have you had people calling you, just out of the clear blue sky, like they have Clint, with leads?

BJD: Yeah, not much umm, because in the beginning I was always adamant you have to call the police. They have to check it out even if you think it's something small, and probably doesn't matter, you have to call the police. It's their job to decide whether it's good info or not.

And if anybody wants to call in anonymously they can call 1-800-the-loss and be completely anonymous.

Interviewer: I think that's all I have. I appreciate you talking to us.

BJD: Ok. I appreciate you giving me a chance to defend myself also and to just to let everybody know the focus needs to continue to be the fact that Hailey's not at home yet.

Interviewer: There was one other thing.  we got some information that there is a, for lack of a better word, a slasher website that..someone has discovered that..

BJD: I think probably they're talking about. Shawn gets on

Interviewer: Shawn gets on

BJD: Michael-Myers.com. (nodding head, rubbing ear, pursed lips of disapproval)

Interviewer: and posts. and there were just some disturbing comments perhaps on there. You don't know about that?

BJD: I don't know anything about that. No. (still holding her ear, shaking her head and looking off into the distance.)


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