Friday, June 22, 2012

Transcript: Zimmerman re-enacts Trayvon Martin Shooting


Blogger Yukari gives us this transcript: 

"In his first full account of the moment he killed Trayvon, a video released by Zimmerman's lawyers shows him guiding detectives through the Florida housing estate where he killed the 17-year-old, re-enacting the moments leading up to the shooting." 

GZ: He got on top of me somewhere around here... and... uh... that´s when I started screaming for help. I started screaming help, help as loud as I could and uh, then that was when he grabbed me, oh, I tried to sit up and that´s when he grabbed me by the head and tried to slam my head down.

(Man – unintelligible, he seems to ask if that encounter happened on the grass.)

GZ: No, my body was on the grass. My head was on the cement.

(Man – unintelligible... ending with (so you were) „facing this way“.)

GZ: Yes, sir. Um... That´s as best as I could feel through my jacket. It was like, felt like my body was on the grass and my head was on the cement. He just kept slamming and slamming and uh, … I kept yelling help, help, help as loud as I could. He put his hand on his nose, no on my nose, the other hand on my mouth, he said `shut the fuck up´ and... um... then I tried squirming again because all I could think about was when he was hitting my head again it felt like my head was going to explode. I thought I was going to lose consciousness. So I tried to squirm so that I could get, because he only had a small portion of my head on the concrete, so I tried to squirm off the concrete. And when I did that... somebody here opened the door. And I said help me, help me, and they said `I´ll call 911´. I said: `No, help me. I need help.´ And... I don´t know what they did but uh, that´s when my jacket moved up and I had my firearm on my right side hidden.

My jacket moved up (exhales) and... he saw, I... feel like he saw, he looked at it and he said `You´re going to die tonight, motherfucker.`And he reached for it, he reached, like I felt his arm going down to my side, and I grabbed it, and I just grabbed my firearm and shot him. One time.

(Man – After you shot him, do go on. What did he say?).

GZ: After I shot him, he like sat up and - 

(Man – unintelligible; tries to ascertain in which position the two were.)

GZ: Yes, sir. He was on top of me like this. I shot him. And I didn´t think I hit him ´cause he sat up and he said `Oh. You got me. … You got it. You got me. You got it. Something like that. So I thought he was just saying: `I know you have a gun now, I heard it, I´m giving up.´ So... I don´t know if I pushed him off me, he fell off me, either way, I got on top of him and I s... pushed his arms apart and I just...

(Man – did you roll over?)

GZ: I don´t remember how I got on top, no, sorry. And I got on his back and moved his arms apart ´cause when he was repeatedly hitting me in the face I thought he´d had something in his hands. Yes I just... I moved his hands apart. 

(Man – You had him face down then?)


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