Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transcript: Derby house fire - Mick Philpott


With thanks to Russ Conte, commenter on the Eyes for Lies blog for this transcript.

Philpott: First of all, I want to thank my three oldest children because they helped me discover what's going off. And then there's a young lad called Daniel Stevenson who tried to get me out same as myself. And Jeb across the road, and the butler above us and of course there's the four firemen, and the police, and the ambulances, the doctors, the nurses, literally everybody whose who who try tried to help save our children but couldn't. Just give me a minute.  
Philpott: We've decided that through our son Dwayne(?) unfortunately the last one's (contraction of 'one has') passed away, that we're we're going to donate his his organs to the saving of a child which is what we want because if you can saving of a child that's that makes us happy. It takes a bit of the pain away. And we can't express our gratitude to everybody that's been concerned with the the case and what's been going on.  
Philpott: And I've actually been down to my our hou our home, and what we saw we just we just can not believe it. We grew up in a community that's been had a lot of problems with violence and and God knows what else, and to see this community to to come together like that, I was just, it's just too overwhelming, we've had people people from America, France, even the travel(?) community I mean the traveling(?) community, it's just, we've been to (indecipherable) everyone meant it (?)  
Philpott: But I say I can't express enough the help the police department gave the ambulance services because what we feel them poor gentlemen from the department saw what we seen my heart goes out to them, because it's not just us that's suffering, it's them as well, it's everybody. It's.  
Philpott: But there's one thing I would request, it's please please leave my family alone. If you've got any questions or anything at all, please don't come through me or my family please go to the police, because what's happening at the moment you're disrupting what these officers are trying to do. So please I beg you leave us alone and let us try and grieve in peace and quiet, that's all I ask. Thank you. 

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