Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Richy Cooper - Hailey Dunn's Uncle Reveals His Thoughts

Words from Richy Cooper, Hailey Dunn's Uncle.
This was posted in February, 2011. I copied it mere seconds before the author realized he was speaking publicly and deleted it. I received threats after publishing it at the time so I removed it. It becomes very relevant today, so I have reposted it.

Richy Cooper, Hailey Dunn's Uncle posted this on FB

Richy Cooper
Ok, Know that I speak only for myself and that this is just my opinion and should involve no one but myself. I believe that Shawn raped and killed Hailey in the middle of the night and then told Billie what had happened, that's when they co...ncocted their story. I think he dismembered her the next morning in the 2 hours he had in ccity and then took her to a hidden location to dispose of her. I don't think we'll find her. I am writing this, barely able to see through my tears as I hate the thoughts I have about what has happened to this precious neice of mine. Fred I'm so sorry! I personally think that for pedophiles, child pornographers, beast lovers and the like, that prison is too good for them. I believe that they should all be placed into a room together in groups of 20 and given a single dull knife and then told when there is only one, we'll feed you. Do that each day till they're all gone. Then maybe the next "Hailey" will get to have her life and love and children of her own.

Sunday, 27 February, 2011

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