Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 Scenarios in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn

scenario 1: Hailey has run away. Why leave all your favorite things including your money, shoes and coat?

scenario 2: Hailey has been abducted from her bedroom. Why then would Shawn say he saw her go out?

scenario 3: Hailey dies from a drug overdose in her house. Why not stash all your remaining drugs and call the police? Why not claim her death was accidental and you don't know where she got the drugs?

scenario 4: Hailey dies from a tragic accident in her house. What kind of accident would cause parents to choose to undertake an elaborate cover up of the accident rather than immediately claim no blame?

scenario 5: Hailey makes it to Clint's house and disappears from there. There were two adults, a child, a baby and a lump of bud at Clint's house that day.

scenario 6: Hailey is abducted off the street before reaching Clint's house. Here you have to branch off and read up on Polygraphy, Statement Analysis,  Body Language Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Profiling and then knowing the science behind each of these - then try and explain away the vast and growing proven lies and inconsistencies.

Given the behavior of the subjects in question, which is more likely? A total stranger abduction (they do happen, but only avg 115 per year) or by family involvement? (Over 300,000 cases per year)

scenario 7: Mother assaults Hailey, boyfriend helps to cover up the accidental death. The boyfriend is selling out everything, he's even lost his house and his job, everyone suspects him now. Why on earth would he remain silent to take the blame?

scenario 8: Boyfriend assaults Hailey, mother helps to cover up the accidental death. This one bothers all of us. We can't imagine a mother doing this. Her shock and rage should cause her to crumble and throw him to the wolves. How could murdering your daughter be forgivable? How could a mother actually lie to protect her child's killer, even if accidental? Would they still be whispering together, answering each other's questions? It happens I guess.

scenario 9: Mother deliberately causes the death of Hailey, boyfriend helps to cover up the murder. Same argument as for scenario 7 only moreso.

scenario 10 Boyfriend deliberately causes the death of Hailey, mother helps to cover up the murder. ditto.

scenario 11: Mother and boyfriend together are responsible for the death of Hailey in a way that could not be considered accidental.

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