Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Transcript: Charlie Rogers 911 Call - Hate Crime Hoax?


Operator: 911. Where is your emergency?

Rappl: [beeped out]

Operator: Phone number you're calling me from?

Rappl: [beeped out]

Operator: what's going on?

Rappl: umm.. My neighbor just came over and knocked on the door. She said her house is on and  umm.. She's not got any clothes on. She's handcuffed.

Operator: she's handcuffed?

Rappl : Yes! Umm.. She's not got on..

Operator: Do you see flames or smoke?

Rappl: no I don't. She lives right across the street. She lives at [beeped out]

operator: she lives at.. Where?

Rappl: [beeped out] and I live on the corner of [beeped out] and she lives right across the street from me on the east, to the east of me.

Operator: Okay. And you don't see any flames or anything?

Rappl: no. [beeped out]

Rappl to Charlie Rogers: you say your house is on fire?

Rogers: yeahs

Rappl: she says yeah but I don't see any smoke or anything.

Operator: Okay well we're startin' everybody.

Rappl: Okay. I appreciate that.

Operator: Why is she wearing handcuffs can you ask her that?

Rappl: I… I don't know.  umm.. Anyway, were standing out, We have a, I have a ramp on the east side of my house, we're standing out there and umm..

Operator: Okay. Is there anybody else in the house?

Rappl to Charlie Rogers: [come here, here puppy]… Charlie, is there anybody else in the house?

Rodgers: no. nobody's in the house.

Rappl:  no, nobody's in the house. [Come here.] I'm trying to keep her dogs, there too. She's worried about her dogs.

Operator: so she lives alone there?

Rappl: uh-humm, yeah.

Rogers: sorry

Operator: So who put her in the handcuffs then?

Rappl: I don't know you want to talk to her?

Operator: yeah

Rappl: okay, go, just a minute.

Rogers: h. h. h. h. h. Hello,

operator: hello, are you okay?

Rogers: no No

Operator: Okay what's going on? Why are you wearing handcuffs?

Rodgers: somebody broke into my house.

Operator: Somebody broke into your house. Is it on fire?

Rodgers: yes, yes, I saw them, I saw them light it on fire, and they cut me.

Operator: Okay.

Rogers: and I can't find my dogs.

operator: someone broke in, handcuffed you and cut you?

Rogers: yes, Sir! [sobbing]

operator: okay, we're going to get an ambulance there too Okay? Are you okay?

Rogers: I I I I don't need.. I mean..  yeah. [sobbing]

Operator: How long ago did they leave?

Rogers: just a few minutes ago. I I I couldn't see them.

Operator: you couldn't see them?

Rogers: no they were in my basement. I think…

Operator: were they wearing masks?

Rogers: I was sleeping. Yes, Sir.

Operator: Okay, how many men?

Rogers: Three..three..three

Operator: did you see them leave in a vehicle or anything?

Rogers: I didn't see anything. I just…

Operator: okay, I know I know it's hard. I'm sorry and I am just trying to get some information, I'm sorry. Try to calm down if you can. I know it's not easy. Okay?

Rogers: [sobbing]

Operator: There's nobody else in your house?

Rogers: Nobody's.. I live by myself with my dogs.

Operator: what is your name, ma'am?

Rogers: my name is Charlie Rogers. Sir, [sobbing]

Rogers: Sir, they did it because I'm They kept saying…

Operator: they did this, they told you they did this because you are gay?

Rogers: yes. I performed with a little kid last weekend… at Pride… and they they… they… They said, they told me stay away from kids.[sobbing]

Rogers to her dogs: Tye.. No.. Tye.. No..[Dog's barking aggressively]

Rogers to arriving police: Nobody's inside.

Operator: is that a police officer?

Rogers: Yeah yeah.

Operator: hopefully they can get the handcuffs off of you.

Rogers: Okay okay it's a zip tie.

Operator: Oh it's a zip tie handcuff, Okay. well, they'll be able to get that off.

Rogers to arriving police: No one else's inside.

[Dog's barking aggressively]

Rogers: is that all?

Operator: Do you see an officer there? Charlie, Talk to him.

Rogers: Okay, bye.

Operator: all right. B'bye.

Rogers bye

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