Sunday, July 8, 2012

Carnel Chamberlain in pictures


Carnel as an Angel

Carnel Reunited

Carnel as a Baby

Carnel - had he survived to grow up

Carnel an adorable happy boy

Carnel was shaved, humiliated, beaten, murdered and burned

Age progression shows clearly this is not a smile 

The four year old, nicknamed Cooter by a loving Uncle, was forced to be a grown man, and when he failed he was disposed of. He tried to tell his only hope, his Mommy, that he was being harmed, and she told him he needed to "listen" to what his soon-to-be murder was trying to say. Punched in the face, choked, slammed to the floor, dragged by his foot and hit until the bruises leap out at us in photos taken only hours before his tiny life ran out.

Do they look like they care? 

Bruised face, blackened eye, poignant irony

The Swimming Pool

Cadaver dogs directly next to Carnel, before he was found

The many faces of grieving for Carnel

Carnel, we cannot offer you life, only justice.

Carnel's demise- Google map of the location 

View Larger Map

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