Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Kate Courtland - transcript of 911 call


911 OPERATOR: 911. Where`s your emergency?


911 OPERATOR: OK. And is there an apartment number?


911 OPERATOR: OK. Is that where you`re calling from?

COURTLAND: No, I`m at a friend`s house. I had to use her phone (INAUDIBLE) walk over there.

911 OPERATOR: OK. That`s where -- OK, so you`re going to be over there (INAUDIBLE) And who am I speaking to?

COURTLAND: Ariel Courtland.

911 OPERATOR: OK, Ariel. And you`re calling from (DELETED)


911 OPERATOR: OK. What is it you`d like to report, Ariel?

COURTLAND: The father of my child took our daughter. And I don`t know where he`s at with her. She`s my daughter. He has no legal rights over her. I was supposed to take her for a DNA test at 1:00 o`clock and -- for him, for child support. And he came over, and I thought he was going to give us a ride there. So we got in the car, and I forgot something in my house. So I ran back upstairs to get my keys. And I came back down, and they`re gone.

911 OPERATOR: OK. All right. So he was supposed to transport you to a DNA. Are you sure he didn`t go there? Did you call the courthouse?

COURTLAND: He -- yes, he already -- no, he already went there. His appointment was an hour before mine was. He had already took the test. He just does not want me to bring Kate there because he knows that Kate is his, and he doesn`t want to pay child support for her.

911 OPERATOR: OK. So he was supposed to give you a ride to the DNA test at the courthouse, right?

COURTLAND: No, it`s at the hospital.

911 OPERATOR: At the hospital?


COURTLAND: I want her back. I want to know why he took her.

911 OPERATOR: OK. And how long ago did he take off?

COURTLAND: Just now, five minutes ago. I`ve been trying to call his cell phone. He`s not answering.

911 OPERATOR: OK, what kind of vehicle was he in?

COURTLAND: He`s driving a silver Intrigue.

911 OPERATOR: OK, Intrigue. Do you happen to know the plate or...

COURTLAND: No. I`m sorry.

911 OPERATOR: OK. That`s all right. That`s all right. OK, Ariel, we`ll send somebody over so you can file a report, OK?

COURTLAND: OK. Thank you.

911 OPERATOR: Bye-bye.

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